Don’t Forget About These Things When Moving Your Office

There are a lot of moving parts when moving an entire office to a new location. Planning ahead makes for the smoothest moving process, so here is a brief checklist to assist with the transition:

  • Receive quotes from several movers and line up a company well in advance
  • Line up the phone and data broker to set up the phone and data lines so they are ready by the time you move
  • Contact your IT support and let them know about the move at least six months in advance, but no later than 90 days
  • Recycle or donate unwanted electronics and furniture
  • Consider meeting with a furniture vendor to decide on reusing existing furniture, purchasing new or purchasing refurbished furniture
  • Gather any necessary paperwork for potential tax write-offs
  • Obtain a copy of the building rules and regulations
  • Identify the best point of contact from the building for all moving-related, space buildout and daily space operations questions
  • Understand the acceptable moving procedures in terms of hours, parking, unloading and elevator access
  • Establish a packing schedule to determine what can be packed in advance or last minute to reduce disruption to productivity
  • Setup mail forwarding from your old address
  • Order stationery, business cards and envelopes with the new address printed on them
  • Change your mailing address on your business registration with the city, website, social media, Google, credit cards, bank accounts and other professional organizations
  • Notify your network of clients and vendors that your company has a new space and address to proactively avoid any interruptions in productivity

While there are many other considerations involved in moving a business, this checklist should help get you get started. Tenant Advisory Group is experienced in assisting companies to move into new offices, can connect you with ancillary professionals and will quarterback the entire process to ensure it is as smooth as possible.

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