Network Like a Pro – Referral Sources

Place priority on networking with referral sources. While it may seem that networking with potential clients should be at the very top of your to-do list, networking with steady referral sources can bring you a lot more business in the end. Here’s how to make connections and network like a pro when it comes to referral sources.

Overcrowding an Office is Bad for Business

young multi ethnic office workers are in complete chaos

When building your office floor plan, it’s always better to have more room than not enough space. Packing people into an office lowers employee satisfaction and can lead to a counterproductive work environment, which may negate any money you save in rent. By offering your staff more free space and a comfortable office, not only will you leave room for growth, but morale will maintain a healthy level, leading to a happier and more efficient business.

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TAG on Graduated Entrepreneur

It was a pleasure to have our very own Bill and Diana Himmelstein on Graduated Entrepreneur, a podcast all about being a small business owner. To learn more about how Bill and Diana navigate being in business as a married couple to the entrepreneurial skills they’re teaching their children, listen to the full episode below!

The Difference Between Commercial Building Class Types

When searching for the most suitable office for your company, it’s important to consider the building class type. While the class type is often overlooked by tenants, it is actually an important factor to determine and compare one building’s price to another.

Office buildings are classified into three categories (A, B and C). The class can be determined by age, amenities, technology capabilities, quality of HVAC systems, landscaping and how well the building has been maintained.

Class A

These buildings are considered the highest quality available and state of the art. This is due to their modern architecture, sound infrastructure, well functioning HVAC system, professional management, tighter security and altogether well manicured appearance. Generally, these buildings will be under 10 years old. Thus, a Class A building or office space will be the most expensive.

Class B

These buildings are still high quality, but may be a little out-dated. The average age will be between 10 and 20 years. Even in this case many tenants and/or landlords find these buildings to be a good investment. The technology capabilities may not be best in class, but typically will suffice. Security may or may not be on staff and typically it is not required to check in, in order to reach the space. While the amenities of Class B spaces rank average, with some facade work, a bit of interior redesign, along with an upgrade in management these buildings and spaces have the potential to be converted to a Class A status.

Class C

This class varies depending upon location (city, suburb, town, etc). These buildings are generally 20 years old at minimum. Some may be well kept, however, normally these buildings will lack many modern amenities. Technology will be lower quality and the HVAC system may not function well. In addition, this could include old elevators and mechanical systems, moderately run-down parking lots, and out-of-date furnishings. These buildings will not have security staff or food available on the premises.

As you’re shopping around for a new space, make sure to factor class type into your search. The more you know about a building, its age and amenities, the more equipped you’ll be to make an informed decision before signing a lease.

TAG Gives Back

Thank you so much for supporting our business. It’s this support that allows us the opportunity to give back to the worthy causes below. Check them out to see all of the amazing work they do, and if you’re able to, consider donating or even volunteering. A little help goes a long way! 

American Heart Association

A Safe Haven


Ballet Chicago

Bernard Zell Anshe Emet

Blessings In a Backpack

B’nai B’rith Youth Organization

Bucknell University

Calculated Genius

Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center


Cradles to Crayons

Disabled Patriot Fund

Dreams for Kids

Facing Forward to End Homelessness

Gray Matter Experience

Holiday Heroes

Jewish United Fund

Kansas City Pet Project

KU Endowment Cardiovascular Biology Fund

Lawyers Lend a Hand

Learn to Dream Scholarship Fund

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

National Brain Tumor Society

National Headache Foundation

SBAC Empowerment Fund

Shirley Ryan Ability Lab

Simon Wiesenthal Center

Small Business Advocacy Council

St. Jude’s New Lenox

Temple Sholom of Chicago

Washington University

Executive Networking With Tenant Advisory Group

Every month, Tenant Advisory Group hosts an Executives Luncheon to provide an opportunity for Chicago business leaders to build new, meaningful connections and discuss topics relevant to running a business.

During November’s Executives Luncheon, attendees were prompted with the question: “What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made and how did you overcome it?”

Here are a few of the lessons shared in response:

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Loop Sublease – 30 N LaSalle


Newly built-out spec suite available for sublease

30 N LaSalle, Suite 2630
3,915 SF
Asking $34/SF
Lease expiration 12/30/23
Available 30 days from sublease execution

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Even With the Tax Hike, Can you Afford to Leave Chicago?

Chicago is a city of industry, delicious food, diverse culture and taxes. If you don’t know by now, Chicago is facing another round of tax increases, especially on real estate. This may lead everyone in Chicago to think: How am I going to afford running a business here? Or even, Why should I keep my business here when the cost of living keeps rising? We empathize with the struggle of tax hikes, but the real question is: Can your business afford to leave? Here’s why, despite the tax hikes, leaving Chicago could negatively impact your business. 

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Yacht Networking With TAG

We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who was able to attend our yacht outing! The weather held up and a great time was had by all.

As mentioned when we first got on board, the purpose of these events is for the best people in my network to meet one another and explore how they can serve as a resource for each other. A rising tide lifts all boats so hopefully many wonderful connections were made. If any were missed, please don’t hesitate to ask and I will put you together.

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Executive Networking With Tenant Advisory Group

Every month, Tenant Advisory Group hosts an Executives Luncheon to provide an opportunity for Chicago business leaders to build new, meaningful connections and discuss topics relevant to running a business.

During August’s Executives Luncheon, attendees were prompted with the question: “How do you attract and retain top talent?”

Here are a few of the lessons shared in response:

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