How to Create a Chicago Center of Influence

Making connection and Growing Your Network

Due to an influx in technology, Chicago is awash with small to midsize businesses trying to make their mark on the city. These companies may have great reputations in their home cities, but doing business in Chicago is its own beast. The key to setting yourself apart as a business owner in Chi-Town is to go the extra mile. Not only should you be providing top-notch services, but you should also be a center of influence. The longer you spend in the Windy City, the more you’ll begin to realize it’s a city founded upon community, tight-knit neighborhoods and personal recommendations. With all of that in mind, here’s how to get down to business the Chicago way.

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This Week’s Recommended Reading – 11.13.15

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Five Mega-trends Shaping Commercial Office Development

The developments and offices we plan and construct today are being governed by something I like to call New Office-ism. It’s a design approach that eschews monolithic uses in favor of mixed-use, walkable patterns. New Office-ism incorporates aspects of master planning, urban design and landscape architecture into commercial office development. It is what the next generation workforce expects, and communities that cannot provide it will fail to attract new businesses and be in danger of losing the ones they already have.

New Office-ism yields fully-functioning and walkable neighborhoods that just happen to be anchored by commercial office buildings. Here are five megatrends driving this new paradigm.

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The Body Language Basics For Successful Business

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Is your body language impacting your success? Absolutely. Here are the Body Language Basics.

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