WeWork’s New Tenant Rep Service Offering Will Hurt their Business

Shared Office Space

When coworking companies came onto the scene, they quickly became a tool for commercial real estate brokers to help young and small business owners find a temporary space. However, this symbiotic relationship may be in jeopardy with the announcement of WeWork’s tenant representation services as brokers will be far less likely to bring their clients to a competitor. The coworking business’ move to diversify their service offerings may cause harm to their referral partners’ business and therefore, maybe also their own.

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Searching for a New Office Space? Know What Truly Matters.

Beginning the search process for your next office space can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not considering all of the necessary factors. Look beyond the rental costs and explore other ways to get the most value out of your new location. Access to amenities, ease of transportation and how an office translates to company culture should all be on your list of needs.

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How to Maximize Your Office’s Collaboration

Creative group of business people brainstorming putting sticky notes on glass wall in office

An organization’s greatest asset is its people, and success is often defined by the team’s ability to work together to yield great results. This new collaborative mentality has manifested itself in a complete overhaul of office design. Fortune 500 companies have invested in unique spaces featuring everything from coffee bars to tiki bars.

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6 Tips on Moving Into Your First Office

Starting your own business is hard enough, but taking the plunge and moving into your first office space, can be even harder. Finding the perfect spot requires planning, patience and a solid team behind you. Though it can be overwhelming, I’d like to share six tips that can help you during the process:

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[New Episode: S1, E5]: “Commercial Real Estate: What I Know Now and Wish I Knew Then”

In a time where the commercial real estate industry is as fast-paced and as dynamic as ever, having helpful insight and advice about what’s important and what’s working (or not) can help anyone learn as they go. We’ve launched an all-new series with MeetAdvisors.com – “Commercial Real Estate: What I Know Now and Wish I Knew Then.”

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