Digital Intent and Design Cloud

My name is Joe Dwyer and I run Digital Intent and Founder’s Equity (FE). And my name is Nick Stocking and I run Design Cloud (DS). We had each known Bill for a few years. He had partnered with FE as an investor and someone who brought great value to the table through his network. He had also helped me grow DS through strategic introductions and had proven himself as someone who truly cared about both of our businesses.

We at FE separately hired Bill as we were outgrowing our space and needed to find a short-term solution that could bridge the gap between now and when we find a long term home. Likewise, As Bill communicated to me at DS that he was working with FE to expand their footprint, it got me thinking that because our business was heading in a different direction, maybe we didn’t need all this space after all.

After a few discussions with Bill about what the market was for subleasing space and knowing we had the perfect subtenant upstairs from us, we decided to hire him to spearhead the organization of subleasing our space, hopefully to Joe Dwyer and FE.

Of course hearing the news from Bill that our preferred choice of remaining in the building was now available, we were elated and amazed that he could literally create the opportunity we were seeking. Bill had properly communicated to each party that he was representing the other side and was going to be keeping a completely open book. We both appreciated his openness and honesty in getting us together for the best solution for both our businesses.

What made us both even more impressed with Bill was his willingness to accept a much lower fee in order to help get the deal done. He was clearly more interested in helping both his clients rather than maximizing his fee. We will both continue to work with Bill for any of our commercial real estate needs going forward as well as recommend him to others who may have a need.

October 24, 2016

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