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My name is Dr. Gregory Bell, and I practice dentistry on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. I anxiously searched for a spot to begin growing my practice, and Michigan Avenue seemed like the perfect location, with its central location and stunning Chicago views.

I turned to Bill Himmelstein when it became clear that many of the options available were far outside my budget, but I wasn’t willing to compromise on the location. Bill and the TAG team found several options along Michigan Ave. that exceeded my expectations. I went from paying $15,000/ mo to $3,500/ mo, a reduction of over 75%! They also secured me 7 months free rent and got me $55 psf in T.I. to build out my dream space! Since securing stable capital was also a concern for me, Bill and his team introduced me to several bankers and sources of capital in my area. Throughout the entire process, they addressed every concern I had and eased the stress of nailing down an affordable office space.

On top of all of this, the space I had landed on wasn’t going to be ready before my lease expiration, so TAG contacted another of their clients for me to temporarily sublet from. Bill and everyone at Tenant Advisory Group really went the extra mile for me, and made my leasing experience as smooth as possible. I found it incredible that every obstacle was met with professionalism, and I would definitely recommend Bill and team to anyone looking for their dream space.

October 24, 2016

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