Dr. Frank Zorilla, DDS.

Dr. Frank A. Zorilla, DDS. Creating beautiful smiles
Dr. Frank A. Zorilla, DDS. Creating beautiful smiles

My name is Dr. Frank Zorilla and I own a dental practice in Hoffman Estates. I was introduced to Bill through another doctor and hired him after I had already negotiated deal terms at a new building, but had not signed the lease.

I was truly amazed at how much value he added after I had already negotiated. He was able to further reduce the rent 43% in year one, 29% year two and not even approach the rate they had offered me until year 4. He was able to secure me 4 months of free rent up front. And most impressive, he was able to secure an investment from the landlord of $80 per square foot in T.I dollars totaling almost $200,000. Because Bill had previously negotiated such an aggressive transaction with the same owners, I was able to gain the benefit of that knowledge and attain a similar transaction for my business.

I found it pretty incredible that not only did he come in and save me a tremendous amount on my leasing costs, but that I didn’t have to pay him anything as he was compensated by the landlord. I am not sure why any tenant would not take advantage of the fair market practice of having top notch professionals represent your best interests just as the landlords have professionals representing theirs. His experience of negotiating vast numbers of transactions, professionalism, and positive relationship with the owners of the building, allowed me to achieve incredibly favorable lease terms and to get a brand new dental office built. I would absolutely recommend Tenant Advisory Group, LLC to any business needing space.

October 24, 2016

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