American Street Capital

My name is Igor Zhizhin, and I am the President of American Street Capital, a commercial mortgage brokerage firm. I have had the pleasure of having known Bill Himmelstein for the past four years and his company TAG was always a preferred commercial leasing referral for our network. We have a small office space in River North and I was notified by my present landlord the rent was escalating at an alarming rate and I had only four months to relocate. The assignment was very small, 3,000 sq ft, so I did not want to bother TAG with it and as a real estate company I assumed this would be easy for us and we aggressively tried doing it ourselves. Needing to stay in the ultra competitive River North area, after our first three showings we immediately came to the realization we were completely wrong and desperately needed professional help.

I contacted Bill and not only was he willing to take on my small assignment but his team treated us with the level of responsiveness and dedication my other referral partners traditionally only give to large companies leasing 10,000+ sq ft. I could not believe that in less then a month he identified, negotiated, and secured a fully furnished three-year sublease space in a better location that was 18% below the market rate. Every member on both sides of the transaction were incredibly impressed with TAG’s work and even our sublease landlord asked for permission to use TAG on their future transactions. I cannot reiterate how impeccably TAG handled our transaction and highly encourage anyone needing commercial leasing space in Chicago, especially smaller companies, to immediately contact them for an efficient and stress free commercial leasing experience.

Igor Zhizhin September 8, 2016

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