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We engaged Tenant Advisory Group to help us take a look at the market several times over the years but continued to push off the decision. Rather than get frustrated, Bill and his team worked diligently with us each time we tested the market and held our hands throughout the entire process. We finally landed on the deal we couldn’t refuse. We got a beautiful turnkey build out, 11 months of free rent on an 11 year term with a Right to Terminate, a Right of First Offer on an adjacent suite, and an extremely low security deposit. We couldn’t be happier with our new space and the deal that goes along with it. TAG supported our process with great technology, reporting, organization, and research. They laid the options out clearly in a format we could understand and connected us with some terrific service providers that supported our process. We’ve always known Bill to be a great connector and partner to our business and now we know he and his firm to be great brokers too!

-Homero Tristan & Pedro Cervantes

May 13, 2019

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