I’ve known Bill Himmelstein as an excellent broker through my network, so I knew he had to be involved as we engaged in our lease negotiation. After having already negotiated back and forth with the building, I asked Bill to step in and immediately TAG was able to improve the deal we had been working on. They specifically guided us through how to present financials as well as negotiate the security clause. Bill and the TAG team also worked their magic when it came down to saving on rent and improvements. They saved us $19,500 in rent over a 7-year term, and we got a 60% increase in free rent on our space! The savings didn’t stop there – with Bill’s help, we got an additional $16,000 in tenant improvements, paid for by the landlord. Without Bill and TAG, I doubt we would have found our total savings of $57,000.

Two things I liked were Bill’s responsiveness and attention to detail. He and his team work quickly – you’ll never see them dragging their feet when it comes to securing the best deal. I found the experience less frustrating with them by our side. It’s for those reasons, and many more, that I will always recommend Bill to anyone interested in occupying commercial space and am proud to have him as part of my trusted network.

October 24, 2016

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