Why work with us? We’ll show you the money.

Saving 25% on your lease means you have 25% more to invest in your business. What would you do with the cost savings?

Value added by working with TAG

We apply our knowledge and experience to you, the tenant. Our sole responsibility is to get you the best possible real estate transaction – and put your interests above all else. Here are a few other advantages to working with us:

  • The average savings TAG brings to the client is approximately 25%, or $15,000 per employee. TAG has saved its clients in excess of $45 million on their occupancy costs.
  • We lead you through the process of building a competitive set of properties to enhance lease negotiations and we provide personal attention during each stage of the process.
  • You will gain access to aggressive proposals to commence negotiations. We start the discussion at an average of 35% below market – adding tremendous value to the end results.
  • You can review TAG’s simple and detailed financial analysis to gain a clearer understanding of your full financial commitment.
  • We will help you understand what to expect from a fair market concession package, including free rent, tenant improvement allowances, escalations, securitizations, rights to grow and termination rights, in addition to appropriate rents.
  • Leverage TAG’s long-standing relationships with most leasing agents and landlords, guaranteeing negotiations start aggressively and continue smoothly.
  • Leverage TAG’s deep network of top quality professionals – including attorneys, CPAs, bankers, insurance brokers, architects and designers, general contractors, furniture vendors, phone and data brokers, movers and much more – to assist you through the process.
  • Benefit from TAG’s experience of over 100 transactions completed totaling over 10 million square feet.

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