The Real Estate Process

“¢ Put together alternative options that fit Client’ requirements and organize tour with those properties.
“¢ Draft and submit request for proposal that seeks to achieve all of Client’ goals, both financial and space quality and layout.
“¢ Run financial analysis to clearly indicate the impactful of the landlord’ response.
“¢ Draft and submit counter proposals to advance the negotiations towards achieving Client’ goals. Repeat until acceptable business terms are agreed upon.
“¢ Coordinate efforts of architect to design the space to Client’ specifications.
“¢ Coordinate the hiring of proper contractor and bidding process for build out.
“¢ Refer qualified real estate attorneys to review lease and coordinate the lease negotiation.
“¢ Introduce client to quality furniture vendor, mover, phone & data broker, insurance broker, and other ancillary professionals to help facilitate the process.