Sale Leaseback

Infuse your business with capital by reinvesting your operating funds. 

TAG Can Help You Facilitate Sale Leasebacks

Companies use sale leasebacks when they need to use the cash that they originally invested in their property for other purposes, such as to pay off debt or to invest back into their business. Sale-leasebacks can be an attractive alternative method of raising capital. For example, if a company gets a loan, this loan must be repaid and shows up on the company’s balance sheet as a debt. Alternatively, a leaseback transaction can actually help improve a company’s balance sheet health. The liability on the balance sheet will effectively go down, by avoiding more debt, and it will show an increase in current assets, in the form of cash and the lease agreement.

The Sale Leaseback Process

Sale leasebacks can be an attractive alternative to traditional loans. Unlike a loan, a leaseback transaction can improve a company’s balance sheet health by reducing liabilities and increasing current assets in the form of cash and the lease agreement.
  • We make it our priority to understand your needs and objectives. This could include your financial goals, operational requirements, and future plans. This step is crucial to ensure that the sale leaseback arrangement will be beneficial for you.
  • We evaluate the property in question. This includes its location, condition, market value, and potential for appreciation. This information is important to determine the feasibility of the sale leaseback arrangement and to set a fair price for the property.
  • Once the property has been evaluated, the next step is for us to negotiate the terms of the sale leaseback agreement. This includes the sale price, lease terms, and any other conditions. The negotiation is conducted in a way that ensures your needs are met.
  • After the terms have been agreed upon, the final step is for us to close the deal. This involves finalizing the sale and lease agreement, transferring the property title, and setting up the lease payments. We ensure that the process is transparent and that you are fully aware of all the terms and conditions of the agreement.

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My name is Rich Roleck and I am the CFO of Action for Healthy Kids, a non-profit that works to create healthier schools for all kids. We were coming up on our lease expiration and reached out to TAG as they had done a great job with us on our last lease expiration. We wanted…

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My name is Lisa Bickus and I am the CEO of 1891 Financial Life.  After rebranding our 130 year old organization in 2021, we felt the next step was to find an office space that would provide us with a fresh look and more opportunities in a great business district within the surrounding area.  We…

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My name is Barry Pollard and I am the President of Adivi. We provide managed services for our client’s IT support needs. Before working with Tenant Advisory Group, I had a strategic partnership with the team as we work with very similar clientele. Because my referrals have always seemed pleased with the work TAG has…

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We’ve known Tenant Advisory Group for a couple of years now. We worked together in the past and appreciated how responsive, professional and overall great to work with that Bill Himmelstein and Tina Crnkovich were. We knew we would absolutely turn to TAG again in the future when the time was right. Recently, the time…

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I am Ama Addai, Director of Ardmore Roderick, one of the largest minority-owned engineering firms in the Midwest and one of the top 20 largest engi3neering firms headquartered in Illinois. I was connected with Tenant Advisory Group by our President & CEO, who has known Bill for several years and knew that when it was…

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TAG worked diligently on our behalf through a long and very detailed process to narrow down the best space possible for our business. They negotiated an incredibly aggressive deal at the Wrigley building that resulted in more than $3.5 million in savings! This included $85 per square foot of tenant improvement allowance, valued at $1,682,745…

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We approached Tenant Advisory Group to help us alleviate some of the short term costs of our new lease by asking them to find a short term tenant to co-occupy space with us until we were ready to use the entirety of our space. We knew that this was a very tall task given the myriad…

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My name is Igor Zhizhin, and I am the President of American Street Capital, a commercial mortgage brokerage firm. I have had the pleasure of having known Bill Himmelstein for the past four years and his company TAG was always a preferred commercial leasing referral for our network. We have a small office space in River North and I…

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My name is Les Kirschbaum and I am the President & CEO of ANI International Inc, an international attorney network specializing in commercial receivables. I first met Bill Himmelstein of Tenant Advisory Group in 2012 at a senior executive networking group. We kept in touch and in 2015 I worked with him to renew my…

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I met Bill through our mutual connection with EO – Entrepreneurs Organization. I was trying to find a new space for my company, Aura Innovative Technology, but we weren’t having any luck. After having four different spaces we wanted fall through on us for various reasons, we decided it might be best to have a…

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Only about a year into our 5 year lease, we realized we were outgrowing our space. Tenant Advisory Group convinced our landlord to tear up our current lease and move us into a new, larger space with no penalties. While we did add more years of term, the landlord paid for a complete buildout to…

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We met Bill Himmelstein through one of our board members. We have a unique, yet full of potential penthouse space in the loop. The landlord wanted to kick us out and give the space a remodel as they thought they could lease it for $32 per square foot. While also convincing the landlord of our…

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