Rethinking Office Design Post-Covid

As many companies begin to phase in reopening and prepare to send their employees back to the office, there are some definite changes you can expect to see in terms of layout and design. Here are some of our top things to think about as you prepare to re-enter the workforce.
Crowded open floor plans and layouts will be a thing of the past as great importance will be placed on safety and ensuring adequate spacing between workspaces. Office density will be greatly reduced – think about installing larger workstations and placing fewer chairs in common areas like meeting rooms or break areas. 
There will likely be fewer open, collaborative spaces in favor of more private offices and private and semi-private spaces and likely fewer people in the office at any given time as rotations of teams coming into the office may be implemented. Consider inserting dividers or partitions between discrete work areas to clearly delineate spaces and establish a sense of security and safety.
Expect to see sanitation stations and supplies ubiquitously placed throughout the office. Take into account other design implementations to limit the spread of germs, like plastic guards or coverings separating a receptionist, those in the waiting room, or in other densely populated parts of a space.
Workplace operations have seen an abrupt shift due to Covid-19 that may very well have a lasting impact on workspace design thinking and use far into the future. As you prepare to navigate this uncertain future, please consider contacting TAG for any future support we can offer.