Don't Be Afraid to Ask

In most negotiations, it is rare one is asked for what they want in a deal. It is also rare for someone to get what they wish for without having asked for it first.
If a client asks a question to the landlord or leasing agent, the client will have undoubtedly gained more than they started with. Even if the client does not acquire exactly what they desired, the client has accomplished more simply by asking.
In most cases, it isn’t easy for the client to even know what to ask the landlord or how to ask the right questions.
A good broker that represents his/her client’ best interests knows what to ask for and how to get it.
For example, I had a client who was outgrowing his space but was still 2 years out from their lease expiration. He thought, “Oh well; I’m stuck until this lease is up and we can get the right amount space for our business.” He never thought to ask a real estate broker or consultant to give him the necessary information and knowledge regarding his situation. Just because you have a lease does not mean that nothing can be done to change it. We like to have your business drive your real estate needs and not the other way around.
Contrary to what some people believe, it is more than possible to negotiate with a landlord and ask them to put your company in a new space or to restructure your existing lease. Had my client not spoken with me, he would have been stuck in space that did not fit his needs.
No matter what situation or issue your company is dealing with, it is highly recommended and encouraged to ask your trusted advisors for good referrals who they recommend to help you.
Ask your trusted advisors; real estate brokers, attorneys, bankers, or CPAs to help you get the information and knowledge you need to ask the right questions.



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