How to be a Fantastic Tenant

Searching for and leasing a commercial space for your business is a process, to say the least. To make the most out of your process with the least amount of agony, there are a few tips for finding a great commercial space and simplifying the process.

Know What You Want

To know what you want out of a space, you need to evaluate your business. It’s important to know where your clients and employees are coming from so an appropriate location can be chosen. You should also decide whether you want to be in a large, high-rise building, a small low-rise loft or something in between. All of these decisions are based on company preference, and when you know what you want, the process of moving becomes a much less overwhelming.

Decide what’s important

Important decisions always override preferences. Price and lease type are major factors when you are deciding what’s important for your new space. The company should be closely evaluated before deciding the essentials. If a company has major potential for expansion, consider this when deciding on the size of your new space.

Do your homework & Come Prepared

Work done in advance will speed up and smooth out the stressful process of finding a space. For example, prepare your financial statement before the ball gets rolling – a financial statement will be required at some point in the process. Be sure to have all of the necessary questions ready when you meet with your broker. This will help to avoid jumbled communication.

Use a Broker

Finding a space, figuring out the details of a lease agreement and making sure you will be paying the right price requires a professional. It’s important to hire a broker who can guide you through the long and sometimes complicated process of finding prime commercial real estate. There are a lot of long and drawn out steps before leasing a new commercial space. Dealing with this and trying to run a business can be overwhelming. Hiring a broker will ensure company satisfaction and a painless process.

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