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Our goal is to get the best possible real estate solution for every tenant we serve. That means not only the best lease terms, but the best space to fit your unique requirements. We partner with you – get to know you – and get to know your needs. Then we put our years of experience and customized process to work getting you optimum space for optimum value.

Tenant Advisory Group, LLC, is a best-in-class Chicago Commercial Real Estate Broker comprised of knowledgeable, experienced corporate real estate consultants. Our strategic consulting, paired with our new lease and lease renewal negotiation expertise, ensures that we will get you the best deal out there. With our years of experience in negotiating commercial lease terms, we can help our clients get more out of their building leases.

If you are considering – or currently are – renting business premises, contact us to see how we can help you get the most value out of your space. Whether you are looking for medical offices for rent, industrial buildings for rent, Chicago warehouse space or any other type of commercial space, we have the knowledge to guide you.