How to Maximize Your Office’s Collaboration

Creative group of business people brainstorming putting sticky notes on glass wall in office

An organization’s greatest asset is its people, and success is often defined by the team’s ability to work together to yield great results. This new collaborative mentality has manifested itself in a complete overhaul of office design. Fortune 500 companies have invested in unique spaces featuring everything from coffee bars to tiki bars.

Your company might not have the budget of Google or Grubhub, but there are plenty of changes you can seek out to optimize your space to encourage knowledge sharing.

Plan for Unplanned
The founder of Pixar attributes much of the company’s success on building a space for “unplanned collaboration”; you never know where a business-changing meeting will take place, so create spaces that allow for unexpected meetings. Open work stations coupled with cafe-like vignettes and well-stocked coffee and soda machines are better for creativity than cube walls and scheduled conference rooms.

Invest in Collaborative Technology
Having the right tools available throughout the office and accessible to everyone will allow your team to stay in motion while working together. Both planned and impromptu meetings will become more efficient and productive if the best collaborative technology is ready for employees to share and build on their ideas.

Balance “We” and “Me”
When redesigning your office – or choosing a new one – to fit a collaborative-based model, remember to still leave private space for employees to work independently. Since not everyone works in the same way, have an open conversation with your staff to find the best solution for your company’s productivity.

For more information about how you can redesign or find a new office space to best encourage collaboration and teamwork, contact Tenant Advisory Group.

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