Is your Office Space Trying too Hard?

Is your business overcompensating for the key buzzwords in company office space right now? Of course, we are talking about fun and collaborative. In order to impress clients and potential hires, creating a comfortable office space is an obvious goal for any company. However, there needs to be consideration into whether your new ping pong table actually meshes with the culture that is already ingrained in the fabric of the company.

The Game Room

While there is no harm in having a foosball table in office, be wary of turning the workspace into a game room. Everyone is attempting to follow in line with the “fun office space” trend, however many do not hold the same values that a company like Google does. Before buying the hot new toy, ensure that it makes sense for the image you are looking to portray. Avoid making this a priority unless it is harmonious with the clientele and talent you are trying to attract.

Open Concepts

Many companies have transitioned to the collaborative work space with an open concept. The idea surrounding this design is to create an environment that invites team effort into projects. If this suits the business that you are in, then it is a great idea. However, some business owners have found that it is more functional to have private areas where employees can engage in their individual work. Maybe for you it is a combination of both. The key here is to create a space that gives the most efficient utility, not just follow the latest trend.

In my experience, culture and a strong work environment derive from leadership and not gadgets. While it is important to attract talent, you want the right talent that is working, not playing. When the design of your space is all said and done, remember to keep a balance between working hard and playing hard. Any efforts should be about building a productive workforce.

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