Searching for a New Office Space? Know What Truly Matters.

Beginning the search process for your next office space can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not considering all of the necessary factors. Look beyond the rental costs and explore other ways to get the most value out of your new location. Access to amenities, ease of transportation and how an office translates to company culture should all be on your list of needs.

The layout of an office plays a leading role in reinforcing the culture that you wish to cultivate within your company. Does it inhibit or nurture employee communications? For example, if you strive to build a collaborative environment, then consider an open space with communal gathering areas. If focus and concentration is the goal, go with traditional cubicles and private offices. Even if a potential office doesn’t have a pre-established layout, consider how you can reconstruct the space to fit your needs.

Once you know what the inside of your office should look like, it’s time to expand to external factors. Is the new space easy to get to? Accessible transportation options are crucial in retaining your current staff and attracting new employees. Take your cue from McDonald’s recent move from suburban Oak Brook to the buzzing West Loop neighborhood. Employees want to be able to get to work quickly and have top amenities right at their fingertips. Paying more in rent for in-building features like a gym or cafeteria are well worth the cost. If that’s not an option, close proximity to popular restaurants is another added benefit.

While you’ll notice the benefits of a low rent on your financial ledgers, it’s important to remember that the office space is more than a place for work. Retaining and maintaining a happy roster of employees can bring tremendous value and inspire long-term growth within your company. Not only will your current employees appreciate the gesture, but you’ll be more likely to recruit top talent.

With an endless sea of potential dream offices, it will take a serious dedication to close on the space you want. There are many moving pieces involved in relocating your office, which is why it’s recommended that you seek the advice of a professional to ensure everything is completed with the little to no headaches.

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