ALCA Carpentry Contractors
ALCA Carpentry Contractors

My name is David Pasquinelli and I am the President of ALCA Carpentry Contractors. We had recently used Bill Himmelstein to help us renegotiate our existing lease in Burr Ridge, IL. We had over a year and a half left on our lease with a remaining obligation of over $150,000. Bill was able to negotiate a reduction in our existing rental rate by over 23%! He also was able to secure 7 months of free rent on our behalf. In all, through Bill’s expert negotiations, he was able to save our firm 68% in the first year and 23% in each remaining years of our new lease.

I really enjoyed working with Bill as he was very professional, was always readily available when I had questions, and at the end of the day, he saved our company a significant amount of money. It was nice to have Bill as the go-between negotiator with my landlord, as he certainly preserved the positive relationship I have with them.

October 24, 2016

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