Ballet School

June 20, 2019

We met Bill Himmelstein through one of our board members. We have a unique, yet full of potential penthouse space in the loop. The landlord wanted to kick us out and give the space a remodel as they thought they could lease it for $32 per square foot. While also convincing the landlord of our story and that we were the best option for them, Tenant Advisory Group secured us a rate of $22 per square foot, 31% below market! TAG additionally achieved a minimal security deposit and several months of free rent, which really helped our cash flow. We pushed TAG hard and had spirited conversations, but they stood strong and acted with integrity when confronted in these exchanges. They are consummate professionals and backed everything they said with adept research and clear experience. We were thrilled to have them on our side. TAG has since supported our organization and shown a clear commitment to our continued success. These are the types of professionals we like to partner with.

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