Barbara Webster, DDS

Barbara Webster, DDS. Webster Dental
Barbara Webster, DDS. Webster Dental

My name is Dr. Barbara Webster and I own a dental practice in Downers Grove. I was referred to Bill Himmelstein by a trusted source who said he was always putting his clients best interests first.

I had been in my current space for a long period of time, but always had been dealing with an cantankerous landlord who did not want me to seek representation. True to form, my landlord initially rejected working with Bill and only presented an offer based upon my current rental terms, not what the market was bearing. The new landlord also wanted to charge me for more space than I really had and would not budge on that issue.

Bill & his team were not deterred. Though I was not seeking to relocate, they suggested we view some properties to get a firm idea of current market conditions. I am so thankful we did because they found a newer, nicer space that was larger and after their negotiations still saved me 23% per year! I confirmed relocating was absolutely the right thing to do when my landlord remained defiant when we presented him the opportunity to match our newly negotiated deal.

It was such a pleasure working with Bill and his team and allowing them to have the tough conversations with my landlord that I did not want to have. They were incredibly responsive and knowledgeable about the market. It was very comforting knowing they were protecting my interests and doing what was right on my behalf. I truly enjoyed the experience of working with Tenant Advisory Group and will recommend them to those I come across.

October 24, 2016

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