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My name is Darryl Cheeks and I am the Managing partner of Black Rhino Financial Group based in Park Ridge, IL. I had known Bill for a few years as a great networking partner, a man of high integrity, and one who has gone out of his way to help several of my clients. We were outgrowing our space in Park Ridge and wanted to expand into a newer and nicer space without paying more per square foot.

We had already seen a property we were interested in, but Bill suggested we look at other properties to obtain offers and subsequently, negotiation leverage. From the initial offer from the building, which I am confident was already lower than it would have been simply because Bill was at the negotiating table, he dropped our rental rate from $16.50 Gross down to $14.48 Gross. We went from zero months of free rent to three months free rent up front as well as an additional half month to cover our phone and data costs. He was able to secure us a turn-key build-out paid for entirely by the landlord. While Bill’s negotiation skills, ability to connect with and make progress with an ornery landlord, and knowledge of the market were impressive, the most remarkable quality was his generosity and true concern for his client. Bill volunteered to receive a reduced commission, actually a third less, in order to bridge the gap and get the deal done on my behalf. In all my years of business and as a pastor, I rarely see this true generosity and willingness to give to others. He has also acted similarly on behalf of other clients of mine I have referred to him so I know this is not a one-time act of selflessness.

We not only appreciated Bill’s ability to negotiate great lease terms, but he was a pleasure to work with. He was responsive, level headed, always acted with the highest integrity, and clearly showed his commitment to getting us the best deal he could. We continue to recommend all of our clients with real estate needs to have a conversation with Bill as he will certainly do everything in his power to assist.

October 24, 2016

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