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My name is Anil Ahuja I am the President of a nationwide engineering firm. We had a sublease expiration coming due and had hired Bill Himmelstein because we felt we could trust him at his word. We understood he was a very active broker in the Chicago market and felt he could best represent our needs of finding a quality but affordable space in a timely manner. We were extremely pleased with his tenacity throughout the negotiating process. Below is a highlight of some of the things he was able to accomplish on our behalf:

1. $25.62 average Gross rate throughout term (building asking $30 Gross!) Yr 1 avg. $9.64 G
2. 6 months free rent up front- on only 5 year term! (saving us $67,124.52)
3. $20,264 moving allowance- with only a 5 year term
4. $253,300 T.I. allowance- on only 5 year term!
5. $20,000 security deposit (represents 5% of LL’s direct initial investment, or under two month’s rent)
6. Solved timing issue as we will be in on time assuming no additional delays in execution.
7. Got LL to waive 10% management fee saving us $25,000.
8. Got LL to allow us to use some TI for soft costs.
9. Got LL to agree to bring power to space, even though they priced it into our TI allowance that we would bring it in.
10. Got LL to allow us to use TI for a second move if needed.

Each of these items should be considered absolutely spectacular that he was able to achieve for us, let alone all of them! We feel this is an incredibly favorable transaction for our firm and grateful for Bill’s assistance. Not only has he proven to us that he is a great broker that can be counted on, but he has also made quality introductions to ancillary components to the transaction. In all, Bill has earned our trust and respect as a top broker in the Chicago market.

October 24, 2016

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