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My name is Chris Shaw and I am the founder of Central Coast, an ad agency based in Chicago. We were introduced to Bill through our accountant as we were outgrowing our space in Oak Park and wanted to expand into a downtown presence.

We communicated our parameters to Bill and he was able to quickly find us the right space in the right building. He was able to secure a rental rate 21% below the building’s asking rate. In addition, he negotiated for our first 11 months of rent to be free, saving us almost $100,000! Even with such a large initial investment from the landlord, Bill was able to negotiate an incredibly low securitization of only $30,000. Lastly, as we wanted to build out an impressive space that spoke to our brand image and screamed of creativity, Bill was able to secure an upfront investment from the landlord of over $190,000.

We not only appreciated Bill’s ability to negotiate extremely favorable lease terms, but he was a pleasure to work with. He was responsive, honest, remained level-headed throughout, showed commitment to getting us the best deal he could, and was a true professional. We would highly recommend any business with a lease to have a conversation with Bill as he can likely help that business save money.

October 24, 2016

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