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Becker Family Dental
Becker Family Dental

My name is Dr. Jessica Becker and I own a dental practice in Arlington Heights. I was introduced to Bill through another doctor and hired him to find a suitable relocation option as well as lead the negotiations with my current landlord.
Bill was not only able to find me excellent space at which to expand my practice, but also negotiated extremely aggressive renewal terms. With regards to the expansion and relocation space, I would have been able to increase my space by almost 68% but only increasing my cost by 15%! He was able to negotiate a per square foot cost reduction of $10.23 psf, or over 31% compared to my current lease! Also, he secured $60,000 from the landlord in T.I. allowance, enabling me to build the exact space I wanted as well as bring my old space back to white box per my lease and cover my relocation expenses! To top it off, Bill was able to negotiate 4 months free rent up front. It was truly an amazing offer.
Ultimately, we choose to exorcise a renewal amendment at our current relocation of which Bill was still able to reduce our rate by almost 15%. Upon the expiration, we will most certainly work with Bill again, and have already referred him to other tenants. We were extremely impressed with his professionalism, knowledge of the real estate process, and network of other quality service providers. Bill is a skilled broker who always had our best interests at heart.

September 8, 2016

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