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My name is Dr. Tammy Novak and I head up my own OBGYN practice. We were introduced to Bill through our accountant as we were having tremendous problems with our current landlord who was trying to stick us with a $12,000 tax bill!

What Bill was able to accomplish I could not have wished for in my wildest dreams. Not only was he able to find exactly what I was looking for that had existing conditions and negotiated extremely aggressive deal terms, but he and the attorney he recommended, Paul Himmelstein, were able to negotiate a lease termination 2 years prior to the expiration! First with the lease termination, even though we had little leverage, Paul expertly crafted a scenario that made ownership feel it was their idea to have us terminate- thereby saving usalmost $80,000 in future rent! Bill then found a perfect spot within 1 mile of my existing office to relocate to saving me over 37% from my previous lease, the landlord providing for all the tenant improvements along with a relocation allowance of $7,350.

I am so thankful for Bill’s expertise, calming influence, access to other talented professionals like Paul, and his willingness to help even though we were an extremely small client for him. Bill was able to shed light on a very dark situation and show me the way when I thought there was nowhere else to turn. I appreciate all he did to get us out of a bad situation, into a much better one, and save me substantial time and money!

October 24, 2016

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