E Packaging Corporation LLC

June 20, 2019

I am the President/CEO of E Packaging and had met Bill through an advisor of mine. Over a year prior to meeting Bill, I had identified a property that I was interested in purchasing. However, I was a brand new business with no financials. I engaged a series of three different brokers who each tried working with me but because of my business status the negotiations each broker attempted with the building did not get anywhere. Then I met Bill at Tenant Advisory Group. Unlike all the other brokers who waited for something to happen and provided no additional value, Bill was incredibly proactive, opened his network to me to find investors for my business as well as several other resources to allow this transaction to finally move forward. Tenant Advisory Group’s tremendous outside-of-the-box help and assistance with telling the right story of my business enabled us to finally receive a purchase agreement from the seller. It is clear to me that TAG is head and shoulders better than any of the brokers I have worked with previously.


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