Midwest Center for Women’s Health Care

My name is Dr. Michael Benson. I own an OBGYN practice that is part of the MCWHC network in Deerfield, IL. Our entire organization has been working with Bill Himmelstein to help each individual practice reduce its leasing costs and improve their space. For my office, he was able to negotiate a rental reduction from $36.00 Gross down to $27.00 Gross, or a 25% reduction. He was also able to get the landlord to throw in 3 months of free rent and completely pay for the renovations and changes we made to our space. Bill took us through the process of building leverage for our negotiation by touring other properties and negotiating with those to understand what the current market would yield. He has a very calm and polite demeanor in both his negotiations with my landlord and in working with me. His comments on our lease were insightful, strategic, and helpful. After he did such a great job on our lease in Deerfield, we are now having him negotiate an extension of our Lake Villa office.

Dr. Michael Benson September 15, 2016

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