Northside-Suburban Pediatrics Practice

Northside-Suburban Pediatrics Practice
Northside-Suburban Pediatrics Practice

My name is Dr. Aurelia Peera and I head up a pediatric practice that has been around for over 60 years. We were introduced to Bill through our accountant as we were having issues with our high rent.

In the 17 years we had been at this location, we had never seen a rent reduction until we had Bill negotiate on our behalf! He was able to reduce our costs by 26%. He even found a relocation option that would have provided for a higher quality building, brand new space, and a savings of over $600,000 over the term of the lease, or $20,000 per year per partner! We choose to stay, but were thankful that Bill was able to show us a rent reduction- the first time ever for us at this property.

We were very thankful to have Bill’s experience and knowledge of the market working on our behalf. We thought it was quite amazing that not only was he able to negotiate for us to pay less in rent, but also that the landlord compensated him for it! He had a tremendous network of helpful professionals that helped us in other areas of the transaction process. We would highly recommend Bill’s services to all tenants as he is extremely knowledgeable and very savvy when it comes to commercial real estate.

Dr. Aurelia Peera September 15, 2016

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