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My name is Marvin Siegel and I am the CEO of Premier Professionals International, an organization that outsources managing partners to law firms to allow the attorneys to do what they do best. I had known Bill for many few years as someone who carries himself well and always puts others best interests in front of his own. I had been retained to assist a newly forming law firm to find space and immediately thought of working with Bill.

The assignment was extremely difficult as the client required space in a very specific location and a sublease that could provide flexibility in size and term length- the very two things you typically do not get with a sublease. Not only was Bill able to find us a diamond in the rough, but he also negotiated extremely favorable terms. The rent on the sublease space was over 25% less than what direct space is going for. More importantly, he achieved what we thought was the impossible- locating a sublease that could offer us a short term with rights to extend as well as a small amount of space with options to grow. In addition, even though we were a newly created firm with no financial history, he was able to secure a minimal security deposit.

I was amazed with Bill’s responsiveness, follow-through, and dedication to this project. But most of all, I was amazed he was able to deliver such incredible results. I will continue to introduce Bill to all my clients who have space needs as I am convinced there is not a better broker in the city. He was a pleasure to work with.

October 24, 2016

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