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Professional Dynamic Network, Inc
Professional Dynamic Network, Inc

My name is Gerri Smothers and I am the CEO of PDN, a professional staffing company focused on health information management services. We were introduced to Bill through our corporate attorney.

We communicated our parameters to Bill and he was able to quickly find us the right space in a nicer property. He was able to secure a rental rate 34% below what we were paying saving us over $27,000 per year, or over $190,000 over the new term! In addition, he negotiated for our entire build-out from scratch to be paid for by the landlord. Even with such a large initial investment from the landlord, Bill was able to negotiate an incredibly low securitization of only two month’s rent. Lastly, he was extremely helpful during the lease negotiation by sharing his 10 Tips to a Successful Lease Negotiation. Many of his points were right on, saving us tremendous liability and money in the end. One even spoke to the delivery date of the space, which the landlord missed and subsequently compensated us for.

We greatly appreciated Bill’s attention to detail, responsiveness, honesty, and follow through during the process. He was clearly committed to negotiating the most favorable terms he possibly could, and always had our best interests at heart. We would highly recommend any business with a lease to have a conversation with Bill as he can likely help that business save money.

Gerri Smothers September 15, 2016

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