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We worked with Tenant Advisory Group to find our initial office space, then to sublet part of the office to help offset costs. The hard work and dedication the team showed was incredible. They took on this difficult task and found a tenant that would have allowed us to remain in the original space while saving $1.2 million! Even though our situation changed and we no longer needed to reduce our footprint, we couldn’t have been happier with our team at TAG.

Relocation and Expansion

Our company had worked very hard delivering strong results for our clients through the recession, and was now seeing solid growth. This steady growth led to Reputation Partners outgrowing our current space and seeking an upgrade that more accurately reflected our image. We sought to significantly increase the quality of our work space as well as the building itself. It is a great problem to have, yet not one we were equipped to handle without an expert. I had met Bill through one of our networking groups and knew he would be well qualified to assist us.

A big reason I hired TAG is because they were honest with me from the beginning, not just trying to do a deal like other brokers calling. However, our growth and desire for an upgrade prompted us to reach out in advance of their suggestion and relocate prior to our lease expiration.

During our first meeting, they came prepared with options to choose from that fit my specific requirements. I knew we were going to be well taken care of as they were extremely responsive and always relayed information as soon as they received it. After touring several different options, we landed on the PERFECT space. It was beautiful and exactly what we were looking for- column less space with floor to ceiling windows on three sides!

Through their skilled negotiations, they got us 38% more usable space for only 17% more cost and while increasing from a Class C property to Class A! In addition, TAG secured $59 per square foot, or almost $400,000 in tenant improvement allowance for our build out. Including beneficial occupancy, TAG secured 10 months of free rent on an 8.5 year term so I will not be stuck with any overlapping rent from my old space. TAG was able to negotiate for the lowest security deposit of any tenant in the building and it burns down to an amount smaller than any
other tenant in the building.

Tenant Advisory Group not only negotiated the business terms, but helped make great comments on the lease, as well as introducing us to a great architect, contractor, and phone & data service provider. I now understand why people have praised their strong network of professionals. They work hard to find the best strategic partners in the market. In the end we had a perfect, customized space that was far more efficient due to the incredibly low loss factor. I know this will help lay the foundation for our continued growth and success!

July 24, 2017

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