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My name is Michael Topielec and I am the practice administrator of Rezin Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. My group had been searching for medical space to purchase and had found space that met our criteria. We put in an offer and received a response. It was at this time we sought out professional assistance to help us with the negotiations. I knew of Bill from the Illinois Medical Group Managers Association, so we connected.

Bill’s experience and professionalism made us very confident that we could improve our current offer. He took us around the market to negotiate for some comps and found that we were already far below the typical market price per square foot. Even though we already had a very aggressive offer in hand, in one fell swoop, Bill was able to reduce the current asking price by 15%, or $135,000! It is truly amazing the difference a skilled negotiator can make. In addition, he made quality introductions to various other professionals to help us in the process, namely a banker and general contractor. We really appreciated Bill helping to provide the leverage we needed to achieve a far below market transaction.

October 24, 2016

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