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My name is Dr. Kim Sheppard and I own Sheppard Periodontics, SC. I was growing weary of my existing building and was looking to upgrade my space but without upgrading my costs. I was introduced to Bill Himmelstein through a friend who had worked with him and gave him a glowing recommendation. I met with Bill shortly thereafter and decided it was a good fit to work together. Bill took me on a few tours to find the perfect property and the perfect space. Little did I realize what kind of results he was capable of delivering. Not only did he find that exact space in the exact property I had always pictured for my practice, but he then proceeded to negotiate an incredibly favorable transaction. Along with finding a space that had existing conditions that fit my needs, he was able to negotiate for a tenant improvement allowance that covered whatever upgrades and changes I needed to make. Next, he negotiated for a moving allowance to cover the cost of my relocation expenses. The last two things Bill was able to negotiate was what really sets him apart and classifies him as an expert negotiator: 1. He was able to negotiate a reduced introductory rate of 70% below the building’s market rate in year 1, 40% below market in year 2, and 15% below in year 3 so that I could gradually get up to market, plus the lease is not back-end loaded. 2. And most impressively, Bill was able to negotiate that I pay only on 75% of the premises. In other words, not only did he get me a solid tenant improvement allowance, a moving allowance, a drastically reduced rate for the first 3 years, but he also got me 25% of the space for free! Throughout the whole process Bill was very good at explaining everything, always got back to me right away, and was very easy to work with. Even though the transaction was complete and he was paid the commission by the landlord, he has still taken an active roll in making sure everything with the occupancy goes smoothly. He has been a pleasure to work with, has represented me in a very professional way, and has done an amazing job on my lease negotiations. I would highly recommend Bill to anyone considering working with him.

Sheppard Periodontics, SC October 20, 2016

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