State Farm Insurance

June 20, 2019

My name is Jenny Tola and I own a State Farm agency in Lakeview. I had a lease coming due and hired Bill Himmelstein to help me with the negotiations. Bill was extremely professional and always responded to my emails or phone calls in a matter of hours. He took me through his standard process of building leverage by finding the best possible offer from other landlords in the area. We then took that offer to my current owners and presented it as what the current market was yielding. While I had no intention of relocating, Bill did a marvelous job of creating the perception that we could leave and therefore persuading my current landlord to give us a fair market offer. At the end of the day, not only did Bill save me time and preserve the solid relationship that I have with my landlord, but he also reduced my rental rate by 23%! I was amazed with his tact, calm demeanor, and calculated approach to my lease negotiations. His experience and knowledge of negotiations and the market was superb. Any business could benefit from his expertise.

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