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My name is Alexandra Eidenburg and I am the President and Founder of The Insurance People and Founder of eWomen Network. My insurance agency had not only been outgrowing our space but also was having many problems with our existing landlord, as well as feeling unsafe in our own space. We hired Bill Himmelstein through a referral we had received and were confident that he could best represent our interests and give our small firm the experienced, intelligent representation we desperately needed to remedy our rapidly deteriorating situation with our current landlord.

While Bill communicated up front that our transaction was 10 times smaller than his average client, we always were treated with respect, received rapid turnaround and felt like we had his undivided attention throughout the process. He made us feel very comfortable about what we were doing which made us confident that we were receiving best in class real estate services. In a tremendous display of his high level of integrity, he even elected to delay receipt of his commission for 6 months in order to make the transaction work for the landlord.

Bill found us a better location in the exact area we had been seeking and negotiated an extremely favorable, far below market rental rate as well as very minimal security deposit. Most importantly, he was able to get us out of a volatile and unwanted situation several months prior to our lease expiration without any repercussions. Kudos to him for that stellar result.

We are grateful to have had Bill’s assistance in this very favorable transaction and turning a bad situation into a positive one. His calm and confident demeanor as well as rapid response time made him a joy to work with. We would highly recommend him to anyone that occupies space and wants to either reduce their costs at their existing location, is having difficulties with their existing landlord, or wants to relocate to a better facility without increasing costs.

October 24, 2016

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