Unlike the typical clients of Tenant Advisory Group (TAG) who are seeking to relocate, we were very satisfied with our current space and wanted to stay. We occupied approximately 10,000rsf in a Class A building in the loop with beautiful views. Unfortunately, we were not as pleased with the amount on our rent checks every month. We were introduced to Bill through one of the partners at our firm, so we trusted we were in good hands!


Throughout the process, the team was incredibly responsive, professional, honest, and always did what they said they were going to do. TAG was organized, punctual, and acted with a high level of integrity which all seems simple but unfortunately, is not as common in business as one would hope. They set realistic expectations from the beginning, so we never felt blind-sided in the least. Through their knowledge of the current market and touring a few available spaces, they were able to successfully negotiate with our current landlord a restructure of our existing lease terms.


Bill and his team saved us over $600,000 for the new 10 yr. term. They were able to renegotiate our existing lease with 2 full years remaining. In addition, they secured 6 months of free rent as well as helping to reduce our security deposit by almost 80% over the first few years of the lease. Overall, the percentage of savings for us was 22%!


When all was said and done, the satisfaction we had with our new monthly rent rivaled that of our beautiful space. Without Tenant Advisory Group, we highly doubt we could have accomplished similar terms. They took control and exceeded our expectations. We will definitely work with them in 10 years when our lease is up.