Bill Himmelstein Featured on Work Inspired Podcast

On this episode of the Work Inspired podcast, Bill Himmelstein, the Founder & CEO at Tenant Advisory Group, LLC talks to host, George Lucas Pfeiffer, about the new and exciting innovations that the commercial real estate market is seeing and developing. He also speaks on what organizations can do to bring employees into the workplace and to further enhance the office experience.

Meet Bill Himmelstein, Founder & CEO

William “Bill” Himmelstein graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a BSBA in marketing and management and a minor in psychology. He started the Tenant Advisory Group, LLC, in July 2008 after gaining experience at several of the major commercial real estate firms in Chicago. Bill has been a tenant representative broker for over 22 years, focusing his efforts on working with professional service firms, technology based companies, manufacturers and private practice physicians. He is a designated Certified Commercial Investment Manager (CCIM) and a Managing Broker.

Bill is often described as being extremely honest. He acts with a high level of integrity, accountability, responsiveness and determination in achieving the best possible deal terms for all of his clients. He has completed well in excess of 300 transactions in his career with a value of over $1 billion. He has been guest professors at UIC, DePaul and Columbia Colleges. He has spoken in front of crowds as large as 5,000 people. He’s spoken on behalf of the City of Chicago. He’s spoken to the American Bar Association. He’s hosted a digital real estate show through Advisor TV and was a founding member of both the Coleman Circle for Entrepreneurs and the Chicago Leadership Alliance. He is part of a team developing over $150M of hotels across the country. He has invested in and served on the advisory board of over a dozen early stage technology based companies

Meet George Lucas Pfeiffer, CMO & Podcast Host

From work culture to collaboration, technology to marketing, George Lucas Pfeiffer has areas of expertise in both physical and digital. George creates media content to share his experiences and promote conversations related to the future of work!