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  • The Illinois Real Estate Journal Awards hosted over 600 CRE professionals from across Chicagoland for an evening of networking and celebration. One hundred seventy-five finalists were recognized this past year, and 52 awards were given. We are humbled and honored by our nomination and sincerely congratulate all finalists that were awarded. We could not have...

  • Welcome to the topic “What Is Office Tenant Representation And Why Do You Need It” Finding a desirable and suitable office space can be an incredibly tough feat. For one thing, you often have limited choices that will work with your size, location and budget. There are also so many additional factors to consider. Then,...

  • Welcome to the topic “What To Expect During The Tenant Representation Process“ Many people can be skeptical of using tenant representation in their lease transaction, mainly because they don’t know the benefits. It’s surprising how so many are still unaware of how a tenant representative broker can assist in making their leasing transaction easier, smoother,...

  • Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Bill Himmelstein, founder, and CEO of Tenant Advisory Group, located in Chicago, IL, USA. What’s your business, and who are your customers? We are a commercial real estate brokerage firm focusing on representing the transactional needs of businesses...

  • Welcome to the topic “Upfitting Commercial Space To Fit Company Brand“ No business can thrive unless its employees are happy and satisfied to be a part of the company. This is primarily why every good business leader gives utmost importance to their team. However, with the pandemic, people have become more inclined to work remotely....

  • Welcome to the topic “2023 Commercial Real Estate Outlook“ A lot happened in 2022, which is bound to show its impact on the 2023 commercial real estate outlook. The spiking interest rates, along with inflation, are predominantly to be blamed. One cannot forget about the Ukraine war, either. Of course, there are also the repercussions...

  • 2023 CRE Market Overview
    Jan 13, 2023

    2023 CRE Market Overview

    Want the latest cre market update? In this video, Bill Himmelstein of Tenant Advisory Group gives an overall outlook on the state of the commercial real estate market for 2023. Find out what you need to know before getting your next commercial space.

  • Welcome to the topic “Commercial Broker Challenge – Top Things To Look For In A Great CRE Broker“ Commercial real estate dealings can be quite overwhelming. On the one hand, you want to ensure that you get the best possible site for your business. But at the same time, you are worried about the terms...

  • Want the latest cre market update? In this video, Bill Himmelstein gives a market update on the industrial, retail, and office commercial property sectors and the opportunities available for business owners and those active in the sectors.

  • Welcome to “Tenant Advisory: What Is Commercial Tenant Representation?” It’s pretty common for businesses to relocate. Perhaps they are expanding, or maybe their requirements have changed, or it could also be that they intend to target a new market. Whatever the reason is, everyone will agree that finding a suitable office for your business is...

  • Welcome to “CRE Opportunities: Turning Warehouses Into Data Centers” The pandemic hit every industry out there pretty severely and commercial real estate was no exception. In fact, this sector had to bear long-lasting damages as the extended lockdown forced a lot of businesses to shut operations. Many tenants had to close permanently. Although the world...

  • Topic: Networking and Event Hosting to Explode Your Real Estate Business Bill Himmelstein, founder and CEO of Tenant Advisory Group, speaks with Freedom Chasers Podcast hosts Tim Winfrey Jr and Matthew Cavanaugh about the keys to networking and how to maximize networking to grow your business. // KEY QUOTES “What can I do best to...

  • Topic: How to Get Wealthy Slowly Bill Himmelstein was featured on the Straight Up Chicago Investor Podcast! Listen to Bill speak with Mark Ainley and Tom Shallcross about long-term investing and how real estate is not a “get rich quick” but rather a “get wealthy slowly” investment. Bill starts by talking about his start in...

  • Topic: Commercial Real Estate and The Markets Grab your coffee and Buckle up this Thursday when Mike Morawski and Bill Himmelstein talk about commercial real estate and how to gain the edge in a changing market. Bill Himmelstein is featured on this episode of Thursday Morning Live with Mike Morawski. Listen to Bill discuss the...

  • Welcome to “Why Now Could Be the Best Time To Lease Commercial Office Space” Many companies prefer to lease their commercial offices rather than purchasing space. Leasing offers a greater amount of flexibility and leverage to accommodate any future changes in your business. If you are considering leasing space but don’t know much about commercial...

  • Welcome to “How to Re-Negotiate Great Terms for Commercial Real Estate”. One of the best opportunities to lower expenses and improve margins in your business is when you are renegotiating your commercial lease terms. Renegotiating terms can be tricky if you are uninformed and unprepared. However, with a knowledgeable and experienced broker on your side,...

  • Welcome to the topic “Chicago Office Space Trends – How to Design Your Office for Returning Employees” Many businesses have developed creative solutions to keep workplace safety a major priority while preserving corporate culture, ensuring high levels of productivity and efficiency, and encouraging a much-needed sense of employee well-being. As you begin to welcome your...

  • Welcome to the Topic “Strategies on Getting Employees Back to the Office” Employees were forced to leave the office and enter their houses more than two years ago due to COVID-19. And though most offices have already reopened, not everyone is as eager to go back. As more companies are embracing their employees back into...

  • Welcome to the topic “Commercial Real Estate Trends in Chicago” The commercial real estate market is ever-changing, and the properties that yield the best results for owners, tenants and investors are those that adapt to trends as they emerge. Keeping tabs on current conditions and anticipating future needs is key to staying ahead of the...

  • Want to get your employees back to the office in 2022? Working in a dedicated office space has numerous benefits to the longevity and health of a business to include more productivity, more collaboration, more employee allegiance, faster learning curve, and more social enjoyment just to list a few. In this video, Bill Himmelstein shares...

  • Welcome to the Topic “The Massive Effect of E-commerce on Industrial Real Estate (Warehouse and Distribution centers)” Industrial warehouses and distribution centers have evolved substantially due to the boom in e-commerce and the growing inventory needs of e-commerce powerhouses like Amazon.  Traditionally, warehouses and distribution centers were built-in storage chambers for giant store-front retail corporations. ...

  • Welcome to the Topic “How Remote and Hybrid Work from Home is impacting Commercial Real Estate In 2020, the whole world was at a standstill. Almost overnight, office workers all around the country (and world) transitioned from going to the office every day to remotely working from home. Now, over two years later, the after...

  • Welcome to the Topic “Commercial Real Estate and Company Culture” Developing a culture where real estate professionals feel at ease, inspired, and able to succeed is one of the most critical elements of this industry. The mission, goals, and even the actual work environment can all be considered part of a company’s culture. Real estate...

  • May 19, 2022

    May 2022 CRE Market Update

    Need to know the latest trends in the CRE market? In this video, Bill Himmelstein shares the latest real estate data in the Chicagoland market, including the boom of the industrial real estate market and the opportunity available in the commercial office space sector.  

  • Welcome to the Topic “Commercial Retail Properties and the Effects of E-commerce” Since its start in 1991, e-commerce has grown exponentially. Currently, online sales account for nearly 14% of total retail sales in the United States, which Deloitte estimates will more than double by 2030. Perhaps even more significant is that e-commerce sales now account...

  • Welcome to the Topic “US Commercial Real Estate Trends” Despite difficulties in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, the commercial real estate market maintains a good view for 2022. Despite some shocks and unduly pessimistic projections in the retail and office commercial real estate markets, the industry tends to do strongly. Keep watching these...

  • Commercial Real Estate Broker Chicago
    Apr 29, 2022

    Commercial Real Estate Broker

    Welcome to the topic “Commercial real estate Broker” Chicago’s commercial real estate broker acts as a go-between for landlords and tenants. While they’re constantly working on getting the greatest results for their clients, their roles and priorities change based on which side of the transaction they’re on. When a commercial real estate broker, Chicago, is...

  • Commercial Real Estate Leasing Chicago
    Apr 15, 2022

    Commercial Real Estate Leases

    Welcome to the Topic “Commercial Real Estate Leases” Finding the correct office space for lease in Chicago is just as crucial as finding the right location if you’re looking to buy commercial property in Chicago. These lease agreements are more involved than a regular residential lease because they include items such as tenant improvements, operating expenses,...

  • Bill Himmelstein, Founder, CEO & Managing Broker of TAG, was featured in the publication – BACK OF HOUSE, an online resource providing insights and services that help restaurants win. In this article, Bill discusses the best strategies for negotiating ands re-negogiating favorable lease terms for commercial restaurant spaces. The best part about using the strategies...

  • Passive Commercial Real Estate
    Mar 14, 2022

    Passive Commercial Real Estate

    Welcome to the Topic “Passive Commercial Real Estate“ The Advantages Of Passive Commercial Real Estate Investing in Chicago In Chicago, commercial real estate (CRE) offers several advantages that other investment vehicles, such as stocks and bonds, lack. As an investor, you will benefit from not only the property’s passive income and appreciation but also increased...

  • Types of Commercial Real Estate

  • This article explores the “Top Six Reasons Why Chicago Commercial Real Estate Is Attracting a More Diverse Investor Base“ Commercial real estate has a long history of being a profitable investment during both up and down market cycles, and it plays an important role in a diversification strategy for investors. CRE Chicago has a long...

  • Jan 31, 2022

    January 2022 CRE Market Update

    Need to know the latest trends in the Chicago Real Estate market? In this video, Bill Himmelstein shares the latest real estate data in the Chicagoland market. The January CRE update gives you the most current insights on what the market is doing and the implications it has on future real estate transactions in the area.

  • Prior to beginning the search for new space, many of our clients are interested in understanding what exactly is involved in the process. Below is an outline of the key steps involved in finding new space for your business.  1. A tenant representative broker assembles a market survey of options that fit the Client’s criteria...

  • In most negotiations, it is rare for someone to get what they want without having asked for it first. If a tenant asks for a particular term or concession during a lease negotiation, the tenant will undoubtedly gain more than they started with. Even if the tenant does not acquire exactly what they desired, often a...

  • Preparing for an office move? Herein we include a list of items that you need to make sure to tackle prior to your relocation. 1. Prepare an inventory of everything to be moved. 2. Have movers come out to premises and do a walk through to determine relocation costs. Develop a basic idea of the...

  • Nov 30, 2021

    December 2021 CRE Market Update

  • Aug 20, 2021

    August CRE Market Update

  • Jan 19, 2021

    Future of Work: The Impact of Digital Transformation

    In this webinar, hosted by Propellant Ventures, panelists discuss the future of work and the shift to working remotely. Bill Himmelstein, Founder of TAG, shares how business leaders’ commercial real estate needs have been impacted by this shift.

  • Dec 21, 2020

    Pro Business Leaders Roundtable: Commercial Real Estate

    In this webinar, various professionals discuss what is happening in their current market. Bill Himmlestein, Founder of TAG, discusses commercial real estate facts and figures in Chicagoland, which can be applied to what is happening around the country.

  • Dec 17, 2020

    Dealing With Difficult People

    In this webinar, industry leaders discuss their tips and suggestions for working with more challenging individuals. Bill Himmelstein, Founder of TAG, shares how he works with clients, landlords, and other people in the CRE business with more difficult personalities.

  • Minority Business Resources Webinar: Chicago MSDC and Chicago MBDA Business Center invited William Himmelstein to present what tenants can do about commercial leases during COVID-19. He discusses how to take advantage of current market conditions: the do’s and don’ts of approaching your landlord, obtaining free rent, restructuring a lease, terminating a lease, and what other...

  • Nov 18, 2020

    Fireside Chicago Chat #3

    Fireside Chicago features Founder of Tenant Advisory Group (TAG) Bill Himmelstein. Bill discusses how TAG works with those with similar values and interests. A special thank you to Tim Schumm of Lucas James Talent Partners!

  • Nov 18, 2020

    Fireside Chicago Chat #2

    Fireside Chicago features Founder of Tenant Advisory Group (TAG) Bill Himmelstein. Bill discusses the difference between the values of TAG and many other larger firms. A special thank you to Tim Schumm of Lucas James Talent Partners!

  • Nov 18, 2020

    Fireside Chicago Chat #1

    Fireside Chicago features Founder of Tenant Advisory Group (TAG) Bill Himmelstein. Bill shares how TAG leverages their relationships to get in front of the right people and shares his tips for connecting with others. A special thank you to Tim Schumm of Lucas James Talent Partners!

  • Bill Himmelstein, Founder of TAG, discusses what his commercial real estate clients are looking for and how this has been impacted by current events such as COVID and the election.

  • Nov 04, 2020

    Future Of Office Space

    TENANT ADVISORY GROUP Bill Himmelstein | Founder CEO & Managing Broker With more than twenty years of experience, Bill has completed over $1B in CRE transactions in his career and was named by Crain’s as Chicago’s Top Commercial Real Estate Broker. COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE IN THE COVID ERA The Importance of Office Space ●  Ideas...

  • Oct 27, 2020

    CRE in the COVID Era

    Commercial real estate is typically a company’s second or third largest expense to payroll and materials. Yet, never in the twenty years that I have been a commercial real estate broker has space been on the mind of almost every single business owner and CEO.  In the last 7 months, I have seen corporate leaders...

  • The current COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the commercial real estate market. Bill Himmelstein, founder and CEO of TAG, discusses some of the current market statistics and puts them into context.

  • bottom up view of Chicago buildings with the title,
    Sep 04, 2020

    CRE Market Update – Market Myths

    TAG CEO Bill Himmelstein discusses the state of the CRE market and dispels some current myths, particularly around office space.

  • bottom up view of Chicago buildings with the title,
    Aug 26, 2020

    CRE Market Update

    As vacancy rates continue to rise and rental rates fall, it presents an opportune moment for tenants to take advantage of the current market.

  • Loop Sublease Space – 227 W Monroe St, Suite 650 7,963 square feet Available Immediately Asking Rate: Negotiable LXP – 02/28/22 Click HERE for virtual tour!

  • bottom up view of Chicago buildings with the title,
    Jun 17, 2020

    CRE Market Update – Market Changes

    Are you wondering when is good time to get into the market and find space? TAG CEO Bill Himmelstein advises to be patient and wait it out.

  • Are you wondering if you can get out of your current lease or perhaps pay a lower amount? According to TAG CEO Bill Himmelstein, landlords have been showing a willingness to accommodate tenant needs right now if you can be open, honest and communicate effectively.

  •   New To Market – Loop Sublease Space – 35 W Wacker, Suite 800 11,054 square feet Available April 2021 LXP – 02/28/27 Mostly open floor plan Fully furnished Beautiful river views CLICK HERE FOR VIRTUAL TOUR

  • bottom up view of Chicago buildings with the title,
    May 26, 2020

    CRE Market Update – Office Space

    Building culture is hard with a remote-based workforce. To have a top business, you need to have a top culture – this is why TAG CEO Bill Himmelstein suggests a phased-in approach for recommitting to your office space.

  • bottom up view of Chicago buildings with the title,
    May 19, 2020

    CRE Market Update – Rental Rates

    How much is the market going to go down and how much rental reductions are we going to see? TAG CEO Bill Himmelstein advises keeping an eye on climbing vacancy rates and dropping rental rates, which may result in great opportunities for tenants in this coming market.

  • bottom up view of Chicago buildings with the title,
    May 13, 2020

    CRE Market Update – Subleasing

     When is the right time to sign that next lease and start looking for office space? If you’re ok signing up for a sublease you might have a lot of opportunities coming up. TAG CEO Bill Himmelstein offers his insight here.

  • bottom up view of Chicago buildings with the title,
    May 08, 2020

    CRE Market Update – Rent Relief

    A common question these days is “Will landlords give some relief in the form of free rent?” In general, landlords are willing to give some relief in the near term, but there may be some stipulations. TAG CEO Bill Himmelstein offers his insights.

  • The parking lot and front view of a building at Crystal Lake
    Apr 21, 2020

    Medical Facility / Office Building For Sale

      For Sale – Office Building / Medical Facility – 1 S Virginia St/Route 14, Crystal Lake, IL  Property Highlights Building Size: 4,500 sq. ft. Lot Size: +/- 26,000 sq. ft. Parking Spaces: 14 on site/4 on adjacent property Zoned: Office Parcel No.: 19-06226028 Taxes (2018): $17,256 Asking Price: $800,000 Built: 2004 Move-in ready – fully equipped...

  • The coronavirus pandemic is affecting every aspect of our daily life. For many, renegotiating your lease may be something that needs to happen sooner rather than later. Now more than ever a skilled broker can help you negotiate the most favorable terms. Check out our top ten negotiation tips here.

  •   Coworking & Office Space Available – Prime Loop Location  – 9 W Washington 16,000 square feet Available for direct lease at $26.25/sf MG Coworking space for 3-40+ people Several options & configurations possible

  •   Coworking & Office Space Available – Prime River North Location  – 444 N Wabash 10,000 square feet 5,000 sf direct lease available $25.50/sf MG 2-60 person coworking spaces available Several options & configurations possible

  •   Prime Retail Space Available  – 25-27 E Illinois 5,000 Square Feet Area Tenants: HUB 51, RPM Steakhouse, Shaw’s Crabhouse, Hotel Palomar, Star of Siam, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Public House, LYFE Kitchen

  • Even with the changing landscape surrounding the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19), businesses still need to move. If you are in the middle of a corporate move, there are effective ways to continue your office space search while remaining healthy and safe. Here are some tips for those who are working with commercial real estate brokers...

  • Parking lot view of gas station with a 7 Eleven and QSR store in the background
    Feb 13, 2020

    QSR w/Drive-Thru Opportunity

      QSR w/Drive-Thru Opportunity  – Immediate Occupancy/New Construction 2,045 Square Feet 737 Square Feet Shared Restrooms 7-Eleven Convenience Store Mobil Gas Station 11601 West Touhy Ave, Building 840

  • Jan 27, 2020

    Network Like a Pro – Finding the Right Networking Partner

     Who you know can be more important than how many people you know. Upgrade your networking efforts by taking the time to meet people you believe can be helpful to you and then do what you can to be helpful to them. Take a listen for more tips on finding the right networking partner.

  • Jan 07, 2020

    Network Like a Pro – Referral Sources

    Place priority on networking with referral sources. While it may seem that networking with potential clients should be at the very top of your to-do list, networking with steady referral sources can bring you a lot more business in the end. Here’s how to make connections and network like a pro when it comes to...

  • young multi ethnic office workers are in complete chaos
    Jan 07, 2020

    Overcrowding an Office is Bad for Business

    When building your office floor plan, it’s always better to have more room than not enough space. Packing people into an office lowers employee satisfaction and can lead to a counterproductive work environment, which may negate any money you save in rent. By offering your staff more free space and a comfortable office, not only...

  • Jan 07, 2020

    TAG on Graduated Entrepreneur

    It was a pleasure to have our very own Bill and Diana Himmelstein on Graduated Entrepreneur, a podcast all about being a small business owner. To learn more about how Bill and Diana navigate being in business as a married couple to the entrepreneurial skills they’re teaching their children, listen to the full episode below!

  • 30 N LaSalle Sublease composite picture of different office spaces
    Oct 16, 2019

    Loop Sublease – 30 N LaSalle

      Newly built-out spec suite available for sublease 30 N LaSalle, Suite 2630 3,915 SF Asking $34/SF Lease expiration 12/30/23 Available 30 days from sublease execution

  • Chicago is a city of industry, delicious food, diverse culture and taxes. If you don’t know by now, Chicago is facing another round of tax increases, especially on real estate. This may lead everyone in Chicago to think: How am I going to afford running a business here? Or even, Why should I keep my...

  •   Approximately 1.5 acres located at the corner of East Dundee and Wolf Road. Just minutes away from the new Wheeling Town Center which is currently under construction. The Wheeling Town Center is a $110 million dollar transit-oriented master-planned mixed-use development where it will be the “Center of it All.” This is a great location...

  • We’ve had our eyes on the Southwest Loop for quite some time. We already mentioned this booming corner of the loop in our Up-And-Coming Chicago Neighborhood Guide, but with the extent of recent activity, we decided this part of the loop deserved its own dedicated post. Here’s what you can expect to see in the...

  • Every month, Tenant Advisory Group hosts an Executives Luncheon to provide an opportunity for Chicago business leaders to build new, meaningful connections and discuss topics relevant to running a business. During June’s Executives Luncheon, attendees were prompted with one question: “What employee-management issues have you struggled with in the past year and how did you...

  • When leasing a new office space, it’s easy to look at properties that already exist, but there is an entire market of new or partially built developments that have potential to be amazing office space, if you plan accordingly. In order to navigate leasing in a new development, follow our steps for success.

  • Description: Here is an opportunity to lease in the base of the new Homewood Suites Hotel in Skokie on the prominent corner of Oakton & Niles. The space is divisible to possibly 2 – ~5,000sf restaurants and a 2,130 retail use. It’s adjacent to a new residential development site with plans to build 92 loft...

  • Up-and-coming areas can be a scary concept for some business owners. One day you’re paying low rent in a semi-popular part of town, then a few years pass and the area is booming, people and other businesses are flocking over and rent is skyrocketing. However, you don’t have to pay a fortune in rent or...

  • Voyage Chicago reached out to Bill Himmelstein to dive deep into the history of how Tenant Advisory Group began, and the foundation it was built upon.

  • Crain’s Chicago Business released its inaugural edition of The Most Influential Commercial Real Estate Brokers in Chicago, and our own Bill Himmelstein has been included in this list!

  • A simplified artistic representation of the Chicago skyline
    Oct 19, 2017

    Chicago's Next Top Neighborhood

    The South Loop, River West and West Loop each have taken their turn as being Chicago’s “it” neighborhood. Now it’s time to turn our eyes towards the Clybourn Corridor, the thin strip of land on the western edge of Lincoln Park between Clybourn Ave. and the Chicago River. This area already serves as a main...

  • We are proud to announce our newest partnership with Dan Porcaro of PSM Partners. This exclusive partnership enables us to offer you premium phone and data brokerages services, as well as cloud services. Through this new affiliation, TAG will be able to provide even more services and solutions to help grow your business. Click here...

  • Site Selection magazine has listed Chicago as the best city for corporate investment for the fourth consecutive year. This comes as little surprise with the long list of large corporations that have been moving their headquarters into downtown Chicago. So, what makes this city such an attractive investment for businesses?

  • There are never enough hours in the day when you’re a small business owner. Try adding relocating your business to your list, and you’ll really have your head spinning. While important, finding a new office is a daunting task and can soak up drastic amounts of time. Thankfully, there are Chicago Commercial Real Estate professionals...

  • The South Loop real estate market has been exploding in the last couple years, but what is the next neighborhood to experience a boom? Perhaps the answer isn’t just one, but several. As businesses keep shifting their focus to downtown, neighborhoods surrounding the popular Loop, will boom: River West, River North, Goose Island, New City,...

  • Glamorous downtown Chicago is bustling with the impressive influx of top corporations moving into downtown. However, apartment buildings are beginning to feel the effects of over-saturation and landlords are having a tough time renting their downtown spaces. With more buildings coming online in 2017, the increase in supply should cause rents to deflate as vacancy...

  • A simplified artistic representation of the Chicago skyline
    Jan 02, 2017

    Close the Deal Before Someone Else Does

    Chicago’s commercial real estate market favors sellers, presenting high demand and low supply in the downtown area. This means the window to moving into your dream office may be closing faster than you think. If you find that perfect property for your business, be prepared to act fast and close the deal with the property...

  • A simplified artistic representation of the Chicago skyline
    Nov 16, 2016

    What's in a Lease? Part 2.

    Before signing a lease, you want to make sure you are happy with the terms for the entire lease duration. To do this, you must understand the internal pieces of a lease so you can negotiate favorable terms with the landlord.

  • It’s an exciting time in the Chicago tech scene, with new startups changing the entire face of our commercial real estate market. This infusion of creativity and drive is fantastic for our city, but is it really driving our overall economy forward? Reports say it’s not.

  • Jul 08, 2016

    Do you Qualify for Rent Abatement?

    Commercial leasing agreements commonly extend up to 10 years – or  longer – making negotiations key to long-term savings for your business. One of the greatest opportunities to reduce your monthly cost is rent abatement, or free rent. As you begin the discussion with a lessor, it is important to understand what rent abatement is...

  • If you’ve signed a lease for office space or talked with any commercial landlords lately, you’ve probably been asked about having General Liability Insurance.

  • 5 Reasons a Good Commercial Real Estate Broker Adds Tremendous Value Choosing the right office space is one of the most important steps a small business owner can take, which is why it’s crucial to have an expert commercial real estate (CRE) broker with local ties to guide you through the process. Not only will...

  • What are the top 5 critical traits of any successful agent?

  • Here are the 7 mistakes to avoid making when you’re a commercial real estate broker.

  • Here’s this week’s recommended reading: Is CRE Looking at Mobile the Right Way? According to a Twitter poll by QuantumListings, 81% of the agents who responded said they don’t use mobile CRE apps at all. So the thinking is that there’s a big opportunity for developers to create CRE specific mobile apps…. via CREOutsider

  • Here’s this week’s recommended reading: From Thanks To Action To Impact: Why, Why Not? Guest Post: Gavin Mogan. Uplifting messages light up the blogosphere during Thanksgiving week. I hope my contribution is uplifting, but my purpose is to challenge. Challenge sort of fuels you, the CRE Tech Maverick. Be thankful, +52. Gratitude as a platform....

  • A simplified artistic representation of the Chicago skyline
    Nov 25, 2015

    Why Giving is Better Than Receiving

    “Giving starts the receiving process.” – Jim Rohn

  • Here’s this week’s recommended reading: 8 Challenges of Starting a Real Estate Investment Firm Real estate is an entrepreneurial business where almost everyone aspires to do their own deals. That’s part of what makes it so interesting. There are a lot of really smart professionals out there eager to do their own deals, however starting...

  • 3 Articles to Read This Weekend Five Mega-trends Shaping Commercial Office Development The developments and offices we plan and construct today are being governed by something I like to call New Office-ism. It’s a design approach that eschews monolithic uses in favor of mixed-use, walkable patterns. New Office-ism incorporates aspects of master planning, urban design...

  • 3 Articles to Read This Weekend Fed Survey: Bank Reports stronger Demand For CRE Loans The Federal Reserve reports that banks reported little change in their standards on commercial and industrial (C&I) loans in the third quarter of 2015. However, banks also indicated that they increased premiums charged on riskier loans for larger firms on...

  • Renting commercial property is a major move. The good news is that you can avoid many common worries in the first place, when you do a line-by-line review of the lease. Sure, reading a commercial lease can be difficult and time-consuming, but the consequences of not reading it can be infinitely more unpleasant.

  • A simplified artistic representation of the Chicago skyline
    Aug 26, 2015

    Negotiating the Renewal Option

    Most commercial leases typically run between 5- 10 years. In good leases, there are provisions to the rental agreement allowing a tenant to extend the length of the lease. A general rule of thumb: Instead of immediately exercising your renewal option, try to negotiate each renewal term instead. However, if you come to a standstill,...

  • Signing a commercial lease is one of the biggest steps in a business owner’s journey. The lease agreement is filled with all aspects of rules, regulations and terms to understand during a rental relationship. And, as a business owner, your livelihood is at stake so you want to make sure you’re getting the most value...

  • Over the last few years of my career, I’ve been asked all types of questions when it comes to leasing office space. For people interested in leasing property, some questions I commonly hear are things like: How far in advance should I be looking for a new space? What are the benefits of starting early?...

  • In a time where the commercial real estate industry is as fast-paced and as dynamic as ever, having helpful insight and advice about what’s important and what’s working (or not) can help anyone learn as they go. We’ve launched an all-new series with – “Commercial Real Estate: What I Know Now and Wish I...

  • You have a shiny new license in hand and are ready to conquer the real estate landscape! The median age in real estate is now 57 years old, which may cause young agents to have a difficult time getting clients or referrals – or being taken seriously by peers. Whether you’re a recent graduate or...

  • A simplified artistic representation of the Chicago skyline
    Mar 19, 2015

    Tips to the Negotiation Process

    Real estate negotiating can either be an exciting or stressful process. If you are a broker you must have ice in your veins and know the people you are dealing with. Fortunately, if you are a third party, this allows you to be much more objective and take the emotions out of it. Viewing the...

  • Almost everyone has been in a situation where they needed to either break or amend a property lease. In commercial real estate, there are four main reasons a company may have to sublet their space. The first two reasons are fairly obvious and usually have to do with company size and business trajectory; a company...

  • TENANT QUALIFICATION - Tag - Blog Header
    Dec 01, 2013

    Tenant Qualification

    As a tenant broker we are the proverbial parent and our clients, the tenants, are our children. We want to ensure that they’re safe, warm, and well protected with a strong roof over their heads and an even stronger lease. Just like a student applying to a college that will check their credentials and qualifications,...

  • Bill Himmelstein speaks frequently about the importance of negotiation and how to become a successful negotiator. His last seminar honed in on the importance of negotiation when securing your lease. Below are his 10 Tips to a Successful Lease Negotiation.

  • 10 tips to more effective negotiation
    Aug 09, 2013

    10 Tips to More Effective Negotiation

    Effective negotiation is key in all aspects of business. Whether it be getting the raise you deserve, landing a deal, or with a lease getting the most “bang for your buck”, if you will.

  • rent abatement
    Jun 03, 2013

    TI, Abatement: What Does It Mean?

    A lot of tenants commonly ask, “What is TI and Abatement?” and it’s a good question. Tenants ask because a lot of landlords don’t typically offer it, so it’s unknown what it is. However, it is certainly available in every transaction.

  • The decision to rent or buy a home is one in which most people approach with significant care. It’s no different when evaluating whether to buy or lease with regards to commercial property.