Upfitting Commercial Space To Fit Company Brand

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No business can thrive unless its employees are happy and satisfied to be a part of the company. This is primarily why every good business leader gives utmost importance to their team. However, with the pandemic, people have become more inclined to work remotely. Getting them back to the office can be a challenge. Upfitting commercial space can make quite a difference.

Yes, enticing office designs can not only encourage your workers to return to work but also substantially enhance their motivation and subsequent productivity. When your employees are satisfied with your office designs and company culture, you can expect more engagement, better productivity, and an increased rate of retention.

You might have noticed that most successful companies are obsessed with the idea of having enticing office designs which will make their workspaces feel like second homes for the employees. Once you realize how beneficial upfitting commercial space can be, we’re sure you wouldn’t mind investing money for the purpose either.

Why Upfitting Commercial Space Should Be A Priority

We have seen that most companies are investing quite a lot of time, effort, and money in figuring out the best office designs and company culture for their employees. But why? Why is there such a demand for enticing office designs among business owners these days? Let’s take a look at the benefits you can avail by merely upfitting your commercial space.

Upfitting Commercial Space To Fit Company Brand
Upfitting Commercial Space to Fit Company Brand

Enticing Office Designs Where Team Members Want To Spend Time

As per research, more than 80% of workers have stated that they would prefer if their employer offered them healthier workspace benefits with wellness rooms, healthy lunch options, ergonomic seating arrangements, and other such ideas that will promote a healthy mind and body.  

More than 90% of employees surveyed feel that they would likely stay with a company longer if these benefits were offered. By upfitting your commercial space, you ensure that your employees don’t view coming to the office as merely a compulsion. The idea of coming to the office should invigorate your employees, not drain them. 

With enticing office designs, this issue can be dealt with pretty effectively. You can have an office design where your employees want to spend some time. They wouldn’t then feel that the commercial space is a place where they are forced to spend time. Instead, they would want to come to the office because they feel it would boost their productivity.

Drawing A Line Between Work And Home

No matter how comfortable working from home seems to be, it comes with one big challenge. When employees work remotely, it becomes difficult to draw a line between personal and professional life.

It’s not possible for the employees to do everything from their home office, and you can improve their desire to be present by upfitting the commercial space. You can use enticing office designs to show your employees how the office has the edge over the home office and the experience they will be missing out on if they work from home.

Eliminating The Fear Of Missing Out

It’s challenging to make all your employees come together as a team if they are all working separately. Similarly, you cannot expect your employees to develop a sense of loyalty to the company if they barely come to the office.

When employees come to the office, they meet new people and get to learn new things. Your employees need to realize this. You can use office designs and company culture to show your employees that when they don’t come to the office, they actually miss out on a lot of opportunities that can help them grow professionally.

Nothing Can Replace Face Time

Indeed, there’s a chance that most of the work your employees do in the office can be done if they work remotely too. However, there’s so much more to the office than this. The office gives employees an opportunity to socialize and enhance their knowledge. 

When people work with others in person, they get more opportunities to build their network, which helps them further their careers and also enables them to develop a bond with the company.

What Can Be Done For Upfitting Commercial Space?

It’s pretty evident that working on enticing office designs can benefit a company significantly. But the question is, what are the features that should be a part of your commercial space for the employees to spend more time in it? Below are some ideas that can help you come up with creative office designs and company culture.

Value Comfort

Yes, your employees come to the office to work. But this does not imply that their comfort does not matter. You must ensure that your employees do not get tired quickly. At the same time, you have to do something to break up the monotony too. 

It would be a good idea to invest in comfortable and ergonomic furniture for the office. Keep in mind that uncomfortable office spaces create a negative workplace culture leading to reduced productivity and increased employee absenteeism. Therefore, if you want to increase productivity, you must take measures to keep your employees comfortable.

Upfitting Commercial Space To Fit Company Brand
Upfitting Commercial Space To Fit Company Brand

Work On The Ambiance

A major part of upfitting commercial space is working on the ambiance. You must ensure that the workplace is devoid of distractions. Remember, disturbances can negatively affect employee productivity. So it’s vital that offices are separated from noise and commotion. 

At the same time, you must think about lighting too. Yes, lighting in commercial spaces significantly impacts moods. Have you noticed how people use colors in their homes to make them more comfortable? The same can be done in commercial space too. 

With the proper lighting, commercial space can be made more welcoming. Indeed, lighting can even help reduce anxiety!

Adequate Space Is Mandatory.

No employee will feel like coming to the office if they feel claustrophobic in it. You must ensure that your office isn’t too cluttered. Everyone must have adequate space to move around freely in the office. You have to realize that crowded workspaces can lead to stress and hamper productivity. Make sure that your office space is suitable for your entire team with no risk of congestion. 

Of course, your employees will have breaks during office hours too. This gives them an opportunity to interact and connect with one another, leading to team building. So when you work on enticing office designs, you must ensure that there’s a space for your staff members to have a comfortable time off work. Your employees can use this spot to snack, make calls or engage in any relaxing activity.

Use Enticing Office Designs to Get Your Employees Back to Work

Most employees have become used to working remotely. They have been focusing on the positives of working from home for so long that bringing them back to the office can be a challenge. After all, why would anyone want to commute daily when they can get the same work done from the comforts of their home?

It’s up to the employers to give them a valid reason to do so. This is where upfitting commercial space can do the trick. You can create a working space where employees would actually want to spend time. You will be surprised how enticing office designs improve productivity and lead to better employee retention too. 

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