Executive Networking with Tenant Advisory Group

Olivia Nelligan, CEO, Nasco: Education has not progressed with the tech times. On the health care side many problems and mistakes can be attributive due to lack of communication. Developing AI to help with communication. Many point to tech as the underlying problem but oftentimes it might be the business itself.
Jordan Katz, President, JR Katz: Tech has been elusive to the insurance industry. Now some tech in underwriting to speed up the process and make better predictions. Need tech to accelerate the process.
Stephanie Jenkins, Director, BD of Vault Innovation Group: AI and machine learning is big disrupter. Is there an ROI to build AI into their app or technology.
Barbara Best, Founding Partner & Principal, Capital Strategies Investment Group: Technology is disrupting financial services as it creates lots of criminals. It’s also pushed down margins to make things better and cheaper. Indexing now popular as it changes the way people invest. Now people can be more efficient, optimize a portfolio and protect against making bad decisions.
Mike LaVista, CEO, Caxy Interactive: Machine learning and AI has been the opportunity. It’s almost always hype. Everyone wants blockchain. Every 3 years something comes along that changes the way we do business. Used to do mobile app development and now everything is web based.
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TAG Executives Luncheon Guest List
Ann Brennan, Founder, Brennan Executive Benefits
Thomas McMenamin, Vice Chairman, Masuda Funai
Kimberly Anderson, Managing Partner, Anderson & Boback
Mike Black, Mortgage Advisor, Michael Black Group
Olivia Nelligan, CEO, Nasco
Jordan Katz, President, JR Katz
Andy Hulett, Founder & Partner, EmPowerHR
Erryn Cobb, Founder & CEO, Fetch IMC
Geoffrey Waguespack, Partner, Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig
Stefanie Jenkins, Director of BD, Vault Innovation Group
Dave Stolarek, Partner, PSM
Paola Meinzer, Partner, Manning Silverman & Co CPA