Executive Networking with Tenant Advisory Group

Joe Blandford, President, Greatline Communications- The hardest thing was to figure out how to be more demanding of people and be a stronger leader. Be bold in asking for what you want. Hoping that other people will know exactly what to do never works.
Phillip Barreda, Executive VP, CMSDC- It’s all about relationships at the end of the day. Not about selling.
Erryn Cobb, CEO & Founder, Fetch IMC- If it’s not a process, it’s a problem.
Dawn Hershik, President, Hershik Enterprises
Jim Lencioni, President, Aria Group
Jonathan Rothstein, Senior VP, MB Bank
Ani Rangarajan, Co Founder & COO, Realync
Tim Schumm, Founder & President, Lucas James Talent Partners
Joe Blandford, President, Greatline Communications
Morrie Elstien, Founder & CEO, MorrieConnects
Phillip Barreda, Executive VP, CMSDC
Paola Meinzer, Marketing Director, Manning Silverman
Michael Favia, Managing Partner, Michael Favia Law
Christopher Gandy, Founder, Midwest legacy Group
Erryn Cobb, CEO & Founder, Fetch IMC