When It’s Time To Consider Leasing An Office Space

Your Business Is Scheduling More Client Meetings
As your business starts to grow, having an increase in the number of meetings with clients is almost inevitable. At the start, you may be able to get away with meeting at coffee shops or coworking spaces, but if you’re beginning to notice that you are seeing a significant increase in client meetings or shelling out a significant amount from your budget for a coworking space, then it may be ideal to consider leasing your own office space. The flexibility of an office space allows for clients to be wooed by more amenities such as coffee, restrooms or even a simple waiting area. Your employees and clients can feel more secure knowing there will not be strangers walking around. 
Getting your own office space also enables your office to incorporate personal branding, and have more control over other aspects of the environment such as art, dress code, decorations, design and layout. All of these personal touches create a more welcoming and convenient meeting space for your business and clients. Furthermore, far more credibility is attributed to a business having its own space than being in a shared space.
Your Team Is Growing
When your team starts to expand to a certain point, an office space is essential so that all employees can be accommodated and collaboration can happen. Additionally, if you are noticing that your team is lacking motivation and collaboration due to a limited space with a growing number of team members, then an office space will ensure a happier and more productive workplace. A larger office also allows more room for team bonding and collaboration in meetings, breaks or client projects.
Your Business Lacks Critical Resources For Projects
If you see that your team is constantly in need of more resources for project creation, presentations or simply an open room for brainstorming, then it’s a good time to put your business’ earnings toward leasing an office space. An office easily provides access to more resources you might not have been able to provide within your old working space. If your business has more tools such as computers, conference rooms and built-in equipment, then this will provide a more efficient workplace to start and finish projects.
Taking the leap and leasing an office can be intimidating, but it also means your company is growing. By following the signs above and doing the proper research, you can make a move that’s beneficial for you, your team and your business as a whole.