Executive Networking With Tenant Advisory Group

Michael Reddy- We had issues with prioritization. In order to prevent this you have to be consistent with tracking and understanding what your people are doing.
Bejan Douraghy-  I took on a partner that didn’t work out well. Before bringing anyone on board, make sure your values and vision are in alignment.
Bill Burris- I spent too much time working in the business and not on the business.

Bill Bast, Partner, Thornton Tomasetti
Jonathan Rothstein, Senior VP, MB Bank
Bill Burris, Managing Director & Partner, npn360
Morrie Elstien, Founder & CEO, MorrieConnects
Bejan Douraghy, President & CEO, Artisan Talent
Bill Himmelstein, CEO & Managing Broker, Tenant Advisory Group
Jim Vaselopulos, CEO,  Rafti Advisors
Lee Singer, Partner, FGMK
Erryn Cobb, Founder & CEO, Fetch IMC
Davis Jaspers, Owner, Vitalife Weight Loss
Jason McAllister, CEO, Paragon Tech Inc.
Bita Buenrostro, Co-Owner, Dublin’s Restaurant
Paola Meinzer, Marketing Director, Manning Silverman
Nardita Crespo, President, Millennium Concepts
Chris Gandy, Founder, Midwest legacy Group
Michael Reddy, President, Digital Authority Partners



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