Executive Networking With Tenant Advisory Group

Bill Himmelstein, Founder & CEO of Tenant Advisory Group – It’s amazing how supporting the growth of others people’s business seems to come back to you in spades.
Dan Porcaro, Managing Partner of PSM – It’s all about relationships. Leverage relationships to grow.
Bill Pragalz, Partner at 360 Benefits LLC – Educate people on your why. When you have a purpose, share it.
Mitchel Schoeneman, Principal at A. Schoeneman & Co – The best way to find new work is to do good work on existing business.
Marvin “Corey” Britt – CEO of DayCare Pro
Evan Galvin – CEO XL Broadband & CEO Ping Marketing
Chris Gandy – Founder of Midwest Legacy Group
Bill Himmelstein – Founder & CEO of Tenant Advisory Group
Davis Jaspers – Owner at Vitality Health Systems
Neal Karski – CEO of Theydo
Steve Kavetsis- COO/shareholder of Webster Dental
Jason McAllister – CEO Paragon Tech Inc and Director Frankfort Chamber of Commerce
Paola Meinzer – Partner at Manning Silverman
Deb Daly – District Sales Manager at ADP
John Osbourne – President at Image360
Dan Porcaro – Managing Partner of PSM
Bill Pragalz – Partner at 360 Benefits LLC
Jonathan Rothstein – Senior Commercial Relationship Manager at Fifth Third Bank
Mitchel Schoeneman – Principal at A. Schoeneman & Co
Mike Shapow – Partner at Rubin Brown
Ed Wittenstein – Partner/Principal at Worsek & Vihon