Appropriate Pricing Moves Properties

Glass and brick commercial building

Listing a property for the highest possible price may seem like the best course of action, but more often than not it will deter buyers and negatively affect the final sale price. Establishing the price in line with comparable properties in the area, or slightly lower, will help move the property faster with less cost to the seller.

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Opportunities Lie Within the Complexity of the Transaction Process

After finding the right office for your business, you’ll enter into the transaction process. This next step will consist of several important items: such as the lease negotiation, review and planning the buildout. Many of the opportunities that lie within the this phase rely on the success of your lease negotiation. If it’s handled properly, it can provide a number of long-term, tangible benefits for your company. Having a knowledgeable broker on your side throughout the transaction will simplify the entire process and provide long-term benefits for your company.

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This Week’s Recommended Reading

Here’s this week’s recommended reading:

From Thanks To Action To Impact: Why, Why Not? Guest Post: Gavin Mogan.

Uplifting messages light up the blogosphere during Thanksgiving week. I hope my contribution is uplifting, but my purpose is to challenge. Challenge sort of fuels you, the CRE Tech Maverick.

Be thankful, +52. Gratitude as a platform.

But is thanks enough? An attitude of gratitude is only a platitude to many less blessed than you. If thanks is the idea, then giving is the finished product… Via Duke Long.

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Negotiating the Renewal Option

Most commercial leases typically run between 5- 10 years. In good leases, there are provisions to the rental agreement allowing a tenant to extend the length of the lease. A general rule of thumb: Instead of immediately exercising your renewal option, try to negotiate each renewal term instead. However, if you come to a standstill, you should have a safety net of something already negotiated ready for your protection. This is especially true if your location is critical or if your business is difficult to move. Here are my three quick tips to negotiating this most important feature in any commercial lease:

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Maximize Your Commercial Real Estate Dollar in 3 Easy Steps

Signing a commercial lease is one of the biggest steps in a business owner’s journey. The lease agreement is filled with all aspects of rules, regulations and terms to understand during a rental relationship. And, as a business owner, your livelihood is at stake so you want to make sure you’re getting the most value for your dollar.

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It Works for Potato Salad, but Will it Work for Property?

Type “crowdfunding” into any Web browser and you’ll see dozens of results pop-up: Indiegogo for a vegan filmmaking challenges. Crowdwise to save the Hebridean whales. Kickstarter for potato salad.

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Suburbs vs. The City: Two Factors for Picking Office Locations

Choosing where to house a business can be extremely difficult – especially when deciding between the city or the suburbs. There are the obvious factors to take into account; financials, space, client locations, commute and employees. However, there are two lesser-known pulling factors that you need to take into account: Tax credits and split-office locations. These two aspects may not be as simple as you think.

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Why Playing Fair Can Get You Far

The business landscape is competitive. The line between ethical and unethical can often become blurred. There is a big discrepancy and ultimately a determining factor in reputation, of how one sees the difference between the two. With the rate new businesses and competitors are emerging, there is a rising concern from established companies that they must do whatever they need to in order to sustain their place in the market. Sometimes, though not always, this leads to a one-sided result that is achieved by not taking the high road or considering the repercussions.

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Buying Versus Leasing Space: What’s Best for You?


The decision to rent or buy a home is one in which most people approach with significant care. It’s no different when evaluating whether to buy or lease with regards to commercial property.

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What you should be considering besides the building and price when looking for a new space

right to renew
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