Pre-Listed New Retail Space Available in Skokie (Off Market)

E&M Strategic Development Skokie Property


Description: Here is an opportunity to lease in the base of the new Homewood Suites Hotel in Skokie on the prominent corner of Oakton & Niles. The space is divisible to possibly 2 – ~5,000sf restaurants and a 2,130 retail use. It’s adjacent to a new residential development site with plans to build 92 loft style dwellings.

Expected delivery date: Summer/Fall 2020

Size: 12,150sf


2018 total Population:

1 mile – 25,796

3 mile – 159,591

5 mile – 640,941

Median HH income:

1 mile – $63k

3 mile – $78k

5 mile – $69k

Average age:

1 mile – 41

3 mile – 42

5 mile – 39

Traffic: between 9,000 – 16,000 cars a day

Location: Oakton & Niles Avenue, Skokie, IL 60077



Executive Networking with Tenant Advisory Group

Every month, Tenant Advisory Group hosts an Executives Luncheon to provide an opportunity for Chicago business leaders to build new, meaningful connections and discuss topics relevant to running a business.

During May’s Executives Luncheon, attendees were prompted with two questions: “What’s the toughest part of running your business and how do you manage through it?” Here are a few of the lessons shared in response:

Joe Blandford, President, Greatline Communications- The hardest thing was to figure out how to be more demanding of people and be a stronger leader. Be bold in asking for what you want. Hoping that other people will know exactly what to do never works.

Phillip Barreda, Executive VP, CMSDC- It’s all about relationships at the end of the day. Not about selling.

Erryn Cobb, CEO & Founder, Fetch IMC- If it’s not a process, it’s a problem.


Dawn Hershik, President, Hershik Enterprises

Jim Lencioni, President, Aria Group

Jonathan Rothstein, Senior VP, MB Bank

Ani Rangarajan, Co Founder & COO, Realync

Tim Schumm, Founder & President, Lucas James Talent Partners

Joe Blandford, President, Greatline Communications

Morrie Elstien, Founder & CEO, MorrieConnects

Phillip Barreda, Executive VP, CMSDC

Paola Meinzer, Marketing Director, Manning Silverman

Michael Favia, Managing Partner, Michael Favia Law

Christopher Gandy, Founder, Midwest legacy Group

Erryn Cobb, CEO & Founder, Fetch IMC

Executive Networking with Tenant Advisory Group

May 8 Executive Networking Event

Every month, Tenant Advisory Group hosts an Executives Bruncheon to provide an opportunity for Chicago business leaders to build new, meaningful connections and discuss topics relevant to running a business.

During May’s Executives Bruncheon, attendees were prompted with two questions: “What is the best thing that’s happened to you in the last few weeks both personally and professionally?” as well as the “Best advice you’ve gotten?” Here are a few of the lessons shared in response:

Michael Alvarado, Partner, Davis Friedman- I brought over three new capital partners which will sustain the firm. I attended my first college visit with daughter. My son who is seven also did a lemonade stand, and made $20. Now my son wants to make $80 to give everyone in the family $20.

Advice: Drop everything for a new client. Focus on caring for the client.


Alex Newmann, Co-Founder & CEO, FinanceFuel- I closed some VC money, my team is growing, and things are moving forward. Half of business is a mental game. You have to focus on doing the right thing. I also get to be around my family more.

Advice: Learn how to sell and you’ll never go hungry.


Donncha Carroll, Partner, Axiom Consulting Partners- I built a product development team around data analytics. I’m also going to Ireland to visit family and friends.

Advice: Better to be approximately right than accurately wrong.


Joe Blandford, President, Greatline Communications- The economy is the good news which means I’m making money. My youngest daughter also wants to rejoin the business.

Advice: You can get what you want in life if you can help enough people get what they want.



Colin Hogan, Managing Partner, Demo Duck

Konstantin Nedyalkov, President, Tiamat

Bob Domenz, CEO, Avenue Inc

Greg Maddox, Partner, Cultivate Advisors

Sam Pagan, Founder & CEO, Fundingdocs

Michael Alvarado, Partner, Davis Friedman

Len Llaguno, Founder & Managing Partner, KYROS Insights

Joe Blandford, President, Greatline Communications

Alex Newmann, Co-Founder & CEO, FinanceFuel

Donncha Carroll, Partner, Axiom Consulting Partners

Page Ciesemier, CFO, Gage Hospitality Group

Taylor Gaines, CEO, Social Gaines

Maverick Eguia, Co-Founder,

Glenn Hafner, Managing Partner, HD Investment Group

Tarik Khribech, Founder & CEO, ChoreRelief

Voyage Chicago Features Tenant Advisory Group

Voyage Chicago reached out to Bill Himmelstein to dive deep into the history of how Tenant Advisory Group began, and the foundation it was built upon. Click here to read more.

Bill Himmelstein Visits WGN Radio

Business News Daily TAG WGN Radio

Tenant Advisory Group’s own Bill Himmelstein Bill Himmelstein was invited on WGN Radio’s Startup Showcase to talk about TAG and the commercial real estate industry.

You can listen to the full interviewhere.

10 Years with the Tenant Advisory Group

10 Years with the Tenant Advisory Group _ TAG

Ten years ago, Tenant Advisory Group was founded to bring value to clients and partners, regardless of the need for a real estate transaction. In addition to being a highly experienced commercial brokerage firm, TAG’s mission was to be high-level connector and supporter to those who crossed our path. The company accomplishes its client support and best-in-class service by consistently demonstrating three core values: being responsive, following through and placing the client’s best interests first.

For the last 10 years, TAG has strived to provide partners with year-round support by referring business and creating strategic connections with value-adding professionals. Whether the client is large or small, TAG consistently outperforms its competition by delivering the best deal terms to its clients through these core values. When the team saves a client 25 percent on real estate costs, that is 25 percent the client can reinvest in their own business. TAG has not only been able to survive these last 10 years, but has thrived and grown.

The Tenant Advisory Group team is extremely thankful for our clients, partners and team and we look forward to the next 10 years of working for our clients’ best interests.

Tenant Advisory Group’s Affiliate Architect

We are excited to debut our newest affiliate architect, George DePalma of the DePalma Group. This partnership opens up new opportunities for our clients to take advantage of elite space planning, architectural services and interior designers. Tenant Advisory Group is able to provide a variety of new services to help your business thrive.

About DePalma Group

Since 1977, our professional team of Corporate and Retail Strategists, Architects, Interior Designers, Space Planners, Graphic Designers and Visual Merchandisers have worked together as the DePalma Group, providing comprehensive, integrated service and innovative solutions for business and public spaces. The DePalma Group is dedicated to providing highly personal service from a proactive and focused multi-disciplined staff.

New Services Offered by Tenant Advisory Group

We are proud to announce our newest partnership with Dan Porcaro of PSM Partners. This exclusive partnership enables us to offer you premium phone and data brokerages services, as well as cloud services. Through this new affiliation, TAG will be able to provide even more services and solutions to help grow your business. Click here to learn more about Dan Porcaro.

About PSM Partners

Porcaro Stolarek Mete Partners, LLC (PSM) is a business and technology consultancy located in downtown Chicago. They focus their business strategy efforts on strategy development and strategy execution for firms under 500 million in revenue. Their technology consulting offerings center around getting small and mid-sized businesses to the cloud, managed services and IT strategy consulting. PSM also has a carrier services group that brokers voice and data services for their clients.

Bill Himmelstein Interviewed by The Juna Sales Network!

Bill Himmelstein sat down with Andy Mack of The Juna Sales Network to discuss Bill’s approach to networking, sales and curating success in his business.

Opportunities Lie Within the Complexity of the Transaction Process

After finding the right office for your business, you’ll enter into the transaction process. This next step will consist of several important items: such as the lease negotiation, review and planning the buildout. Many of the opportunities that lie within the this phase rely on the success of your lease negotiation. If it’s handled properly, it can provide a number of long-term, tangible benefits for your company. Having a knowledgeable broker on your side throughout the transaction will simplify the entire process and provide long-term benefits for your company.

Lease Negotiation

Perhaps the most innately complex piece of the moving process is negotiating a fair lease, and executing a successful negotiation can provide direct benefits to your business for years to come. At the beginning stages, your broker will gather multiple proposals to gain an understanding of market comparables to increase your negotiation leverage. The key to doing so is understanding the market as well as the varying terms and clauses laid throughout the lease. Experience is critical to being able to expertly navigate the twists and turns of a lease. Beyond market knowledge of fair rent values, having a deep understanding of the language a lease is written in will help you negotiate for rent abatement, tenant improvement allowances, escalations, securitizations, rights to expand or renew, and termination rights.

The negotiation process will include several rounds of back and forth offers which will continue until acceptable business terms are agreed upon. Tenured brokers will be able to evaluate the financial impact of each proposal to submit a reasonable counter offer to advance negotiations toward your goals.

Lease Review

After business terms are agreed to, it is heavily recommended to have an attorney read through the lease. Should you not have an attorney on-hand that specializes in real estate, a broker will be able to refer a qualified real estate attorney to assist in the process. The broker will work alongside the attorney to evaluate the language within the lease to ensure it accurately reflects the agreed upon terms, as well as search for any terms or clauses that may be unfavorable to the tenant.

Check the language for mention of the common area maintenance fee to ensure it is based on the total rentable area rather than just the rented area. Another consideration might be to ensure the building cannot rent to your direct competition. Small changes such as these can have a profound impact on the longevity and quality of your new location.

Working with a Tenant Advisory Group representative will add many benefits. They will quarterback the process to ensure it is completed efficiently and to your specifications. Clients that work with the Tenant Advisory Group brokers will gain access to a deep pool of knowledge on current market values and apt negotiation skills.

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