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Here’s this week’s recommended reading:

8 Challenges of Starting a Real Estate Investment Firm

Real estate is an entrepreneurial business where almost everyone aspires to do their own deals. That’s part of what makes it so interesting. There are a lot of really smart professionals out there eager to do their own deals, however starting your own firm is incredibly challenging. Here are the 8 challenges of starting a real estate investment firm in today’s hot market… Via A Student of the Real Estate Game.

Four Trends That Are Reshaping the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Over the past 30 years, the commercial real estate industry has quietly transformed from a “mom-and-pop” industry to an institutional asset class where owners manage complex and global portfolios. Institutional investors rarely used to invest in real estate. But with the rise of new investment structures and global commercial real estate investors, real estate now represents nearly 10 percent of institutional investment portfolios, or $6.7 trillion… Via Forbes.

10 Most Expensive Streets for Office Space

As the U.S. economy adds jobs, office landlords are adding tenants — but the landscape for how and where we work has changed fundamentally in the last decade. Technology makes offices less necessary for some workers, leading to shared office spaces in some companies to maximize wasted… Via CNN

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